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Different forms of Government com/fwy78rmcbuqq/present/

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1 Different forms of Government http://prezi. com/fwy78rmcbuqq/present/

2 Anarchy Absence of government; a state of lawlessness due to the absence of power

3 Autocracy political power is held by a single self-appointed ruler…similar to a dictatorship. Best example is Cuba: Fidel Castro appointed himself leader of they country.

4 Theocracy is a form of government in which a god or deity is the supreme ruler Example would be Ancient Greece and their many Gods.

5 Oligarchy is a form of government where political power effectively rests with a small elite group Modern example- South Africa Based on racism Small percentage of White Africans held power over Black Africans

6 Limited or Constitutional Monarchy
Parliamentary system King/Queen is the head of country prime minister is head of government Example would be England.

7 Absolute Monarchy King /Queen has absolute power over everything
total power over land AND government Example would be Saudi Arabia

8 Totalitarianism political systems where a state regulates nearly every aspect of public and private life. Only one real government and no other options. Example would be China.

9 Dictatorship a form of government that has the power to govern without consent of those being governed Example would be Cuba, Iraq, North Korea

10 Aristocracy A form of government where whoever has the most status and influence rules Example would be Ancient Greece.

11 Democracy power is held by the people under a free electoral system
Example would be America

12 Federalism is the system in which the power to govern is shared between the national and state governments Example is America

13 Direct Democracy a form of government in which laws are made directly by citizens Town Meetings- regularly to discuss ways to make life better for their community

14 Republic a government in which representatives were elected to make laws

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