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Types of Government.

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1 Types of Government

2 Authoritarian Governments
Definition: A gov’t ruled by one or few people.

3 Characteristics of Authoritarian
Elections do not offer choice Citizens rights are NOT guaranteed Force is used to keep the peace Unlimited government, do whatever they want

4 Types of Authoritarian Government
Autocracy: Rule by one Absolute Monarchy- King and Queen has total control over the country Dictatorship (Totalitarian)- Has total control, usually takes power and uses force to keep it 2. Oligarchy: Rule by few

5 Democracy Definition: Rule by the people, citizens rights are protected

6 Characteristics of Democracy
Rule of law: everyone must follow the law Federalism: power is divided into different levels Popular sovereignty: power comes from people through voting Equality of all persons under the law Majority rule with minority rights protected Individual rights and freedoms Limited government

7 Direct vs. Representative Democracy
Direct: Presidential Gov’t: (U.S.A) A gov’t where all citizens meet and vote on laws for the nation Parliamentary Gov’t: (England) Representative: People elect representatives to Constitutional Monarchy Conduct gov’t (make laws) for a nation

8 Types of Representative Democracies
Presidential: 3 Branches Voters elect law making (legislative) branch – Congress Voters elect President (executive branch) Judicial branch – Court system, seen in the U.S.

9 Types of Representative Democracies
Parliament: 3 Branches Voters elect PART of law making (legislative) branch then voters choose its executive leader (Prime Minister) from among its own members Therefore, the people do not choose their executive (unlike Presidential system) Judicial branch – court system seen in Great Britain

10 Presidential vs Parliament Review
Category: Authoritarian Democracy Executive Legislative Judicial Where it is seen:

11 Authoritarian vs Democracy Review
Category: Authoritarian Democracy Rights Rule of Law Amount of power How leaders are chosen Examples of types:

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