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“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”

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1 “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”

2  What is the best form of government?  No two governments are alike ◦ Arise out of particular needs

3 1. Who can participate in governing process 2. Geographic distribution of governmental power within the state 3. Relationship between legislative and executive branch

4  One of the most important classifications  Lets consider two basic forms ◦ Democracies ◦ Dictatorships

5  Can be direct or indirect ◦ Direct: will of people translates into public policy  New England town meetings  Does not exist on National level anywhere ◦ Indirect: Group of people chosen by population express the popular will  Representative democracy, Republic  America, Ancient Rome

6  Americans use term democracy, republic, representative democracy, and republican form of government interchangeably.  Each of the above are a different form of government  In democracy bottom line is that the people are sovereign

7  Rulers not held responsible to will of the people  Oldest form of government in the world  Can be an autocracy, or an oligarchy

8  Autocracy ◦ Single person holds unlimited political power  Oligarchy ◦ Political power held by small elite group  All are authoritarian ◦ Absolute power over the people ◦ Totalitarian: complete power over human affairs

9  Militaristic in general ◦ Usually gain control through force  Illusion ◦ Often hold elections ◦ Multiple government bodies

10  Power to govern is located in multiple places  Three basic models ◦ Unitary ◦ Federal ◦ Confederate

11  Centralized government  Central government creates local units  British government is perfect example ◦ Parliament holds the power  Creates smaller government organizations to help

12  Powers divided between central and local governments  Authority superior to both governments creates the division of powers  Modern US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, etc

13  Alliance of independent states  Central government has limited power  Allows states to maintain identity but come together for common good  EU is best modern example. CSA, Iroquois

14  Another way to examine roles of government  Presidential and Parliamentary

15  Executive and legislative separate and coequal  Have separate powers over one another  Invented by the US

16  Executive is prime minister and that officials cabinet  PM and cabinet are part of legislator  PM is chosen by most powerful group of parliament ◦ Executive is part of legislator and under its control

17  PM only keeps control with confidence of parliament ◦ Vote of no confidence ◦ Can remove PM or reset all of parliament  Parliament can avoid deadlock with this structure ◦ Checks and balances non existent

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