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Math + Standards + Internet Presented by Linda Mills, Library Media Specialist Greensburg Elementary School 812-934-3844.

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1 Math + Standards + Internet Presented by Linda Mills, Library Media Specialist Greensburg Elementary School 812-934-3844

2 Why use the Internet in Math? Changes the possibilities for math education Enriches the nature of mathematics education Allows math to be studied in new ways Helps to emphasize mathematical insight, reasoning, and problem solving Wealth of mathematical data available to students and teachers Opportunities to communicate insights and comparisons with others around the world

3 Math Standards Indiana Academic Standards mathematics/math.html mathematics/math.html NCTM Standards Electronic Examples of the Standards amples amples

4 How to find Sites Math Organizations Magazines Books Television, radio, newspapers Portals Conduct searches using search engines or directories

5 Math Organizations Math Magazines Indiana Mathematics Educators National Council of Teacher of Mathematics

6 Other magazines to try Classroom Connect (800-638-1639) Learning and Leading with Technology (ISTE) MultiMedia Schools Technology and Learning However, most of your math magazines, news magazines, newspapers, etc. have numerous good sites to try. These are technology magazines to try:

7 Books The Internet Kids Yellow Pages by Jean Armour Polly, McGraw Hill, 2005. Math Web Guide by Classroom Connect, 2003. Surfin the Internet: Practical Ideas from A to Z by Annette Lamb, Vision to Action, 203. Yellow Pages by Classroom Connect, 2005. Web Feet, Rockhill Pres, These are just a sampling of books available to help you find things on the Web. Classroom Connect is an especially good publisher of educational sites on the Web. Check out their material by going to hpp://

8 Television, Radio, and Newspapers CNN ( CBS, NBC, ABC Discovery Channel USA Today http://www.usatoday.com

9 Central Sites for Math Educators Eisenhower National Math and Science Clearinghouse (no longer kept up to date) Math Forum Math Web Sites and Resources for Teachers Additional Resources Sites for Teachers (excellent) Indiana Department of Education weblinks for Math Canadas SchoolNet NCTM Math sites

10 Worksheets Superkids: Math worksheet Creator th th Mathwork e/mathwork e/mathwork Mark Cogans Primary Worksheets

11 Search Engines

12 Kids Search Engines Blue Webn /bluewebn /bluewebn KidsClick! Click! Click Ask Jeeves for Kids Yahooligans Awesome Library

13 Web Evaluation or What makes a good website? Organization, layout, and ease of use Graphics/topography Accuracy Links--within/outside Coverage Currency Objectivity

14 Internet Domains com - commercial organization edu - educational institutions gov -government, nonmilitary mil - military org - other organizations net - network resources Email going to international locations have different domains placed on the end as a country code. Every address is classified as a type of domain, just like every address has a state and zip code. This helps the Internet deliver the message.

15 What can you do with the World Wide Web? Lesson plans Research Games and Contests Online projects WebQuests Online professionals/Listservs General Reference Other specific math areas

16 Lesson Plans to Link to Standards Lesson Locator This site will take you to specific lesson plans to correspond with math standards. Illuminations excellent lesson plans to link with standards Marco Polo http://www.marcopolo- /http://www.marcopolo- /

17 Lesson Plan Sites Busy Teachers Website K-12 Discovery School Scholastic Network Eduhound http://www.eduhound.com Edupuppy http://www.edupuppy.com Gigglepotz http://www.gigglepotz.com Math Lesson Plans Teachers Net for Math bin/lessons/sort.cgi?searchterm=Mathematics bin/lessons/sort.cgi?searchterm=Mathematics Awesome Library arch/Lesson_Plans/Math.html arch/Lesson_Plans/Math.html

18 Research Biographies of Women Mathematicians Dictionary of all Math units Temperature Scales http://www.chemie.fu- MegaConverter 2 Scientific Notation tml tml Maths for Morans Like Us Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics Universal Currency Converter

19 Games, Contests and Challenges Brain Teasers Dr. FreeMath tml tml Interactive Mathematics Miscellany & Puzzles http://www.cut-the-knot.com Arithmetic Software Figure This http://www.figurethis.org Learning Box http://www.learningbox.com Aunty Math y/ y/ Primary Math Games

20 Online projects Email or keypals Projects to join up with Your own projects

21 Keypals and International competition KidLink (empowering kids and youth to build global networks of friends) Epals http://www.epals.com Keypals Thinkquests (a non profit organization offering programs designed to advance education through the use of technology)

22 Online projects with other classes Classroom Connect http://www.classroomconnect.net Global School Net http://gsn.org Web 66 http://web66.coled.umn.edu The Global Grocery List Project http://www.landmark- The Noon Day Project Make sure you are ready for an online project before plunging into one. Heres some places to go to find projects to try.

23 WebQuests uest.html Developed in 1995 by Bernie Dodge and Tom March uest.html A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity activity in which most or all of the information used by learning is drawn from the Web. WebQuests should increase the learners use of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. They are often cooperative group work with each learner given a specific job title, assignment, and tasks. WebQuest on Place Value ndex.htm ndex.htm

24 On line professionals and Listservs Ask an Expert http://www.askanexpert.com Big Chalk http://www.bigchalk.com NCTM-L at Ask Dr. Math

25 General references sites Internet Public Library Library Spot http://www.libraryspot.com Inspire http://www.inspire-Indiana.net Homework Spot Research It New York Public Library

26 Calculus Karls Calculus Tutor

27 Data/Statistics Numbers in Search of a Problem ml ml Statistics Statistics Every Writer Should Know Finding Data on the Internet

28 Drill and Practice A+ Math AAA Math Math Flashcards for Kids 2 2 Figure this Out! Problem of the Week Numbertime

29 Fractals Sprotts Fractal Gallery ls.htm ls.htm

30 Fractions Visual Fractions

31 Geometry Geometry Center Interactive Math Online: Algebra and Geometry Math Web Site for Middle School Gallery of Interactive Geometry Breaking Away from the Mathbook Conjentures in Geometry Geometry Junkyard

32 Graphing Graph Your Favorite Graph.html Graph.html Chameleon Graphing

33 Interactive Resources Interactive Math (variety of math publishers and skills Math Playground Virtual Manipulatives Pentominos Puzzle Solver

34 Logic Problems CRpuzzles Logic Problems Interactive Web Games

35 Money Money Templates Money Flashcards bin/flashcards/money bin/flashcards/money Escape from Knab US Treasury for Kids http://www.kidsbank.com Sense and Dollars

36 Problem Solving World Problems for Kids ng/mathpage/math1.html ng/mathpage/math1.html Math Problems Problem of the Week htm htm MathCounts Problem Solving blems.html blems.html Math Mountain -science/mathmtn -science/mathmtn

37 Math Assistance Online MathNerds

38 Math and Literature Carol Hursts Math and Childrens Literature math/math.html math/math.html Maths Thesaurus

39 Math for the Young Magic Math Resource for the K-4 Teacher Math Cats

40 Measurement The World of Measurement cs/education/projects/webunits/measu rement/ cs/education/projects/webunits/measu rement/ Measure for Measure tm tm Dictionary of Units unit.htm unit.htm

41 Stock Market Good News Bears w/gnb.html w/gnb.html Stock Market Millionaires Club oject.htm#top oject.htm#top StocksQuest cksQuest/login.htm cksQuest/login.htm Stock Market Simulation quest/mystocks.htm quest/mystocks.htm

42 Time Teaching Time

43 Clip Art Barrys Clip Art (free clip art to use) Holiday Clip Art y.htm y.htm School Clip Art

44 In Conclusion Keep searching for sites. There are new sites every minute. Always make sure you try sites out BEFORE you use them with students Never let students surf the net especially young students Make sure you have some sort of directed study while using the Internet. Tell or show students sites to use. Most of all the Internet is a GREAT resource for every math classroom and teacher. Make sure you are using it. And have fun!


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