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Teacher Helpful Web Pages By. Reem Aldubaishi CIS221/223 Mrs.Chowdhury.

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1 Teacher Helpful Web Pages By. Reem Aldubaishi CIS221/223 Mrs.Chowdhury

2 Lesson plan website: ReadWriteThink This website is a lesson plan website it includes many lesson plans for teachers of any subject and grade. It helps teachers find lesson plans to teach and most of the lesson plans on there are reviewed by educators. They are used by many teachers. There are three different kinds of lesson plans: Standardized lesson plans, Mini lesson plans and Unit Lesson Plans. There are many resources on the site including for teachers and parents. This website can be helpful for teachers who want to find a great,reviewed, and creative lesson plan.

3 Student to Expert Communication sites: The Math Forum http://ma thforum.or g/ http://ma thforum.or g/ http://ma thforum.or g/ The Math Forum website is student to expert communication website where students who need questions answered in the area of math can find help on this site. It is a leading online resource which teachers, experts, and mathematicians use to help the learning of math for students. They include many ways for students and experts to work like puzzles and team problem solving and collaborations. Students who need help can ask Dr. Math.

4 Real time and Recorded data websites The Weather Channel This website is real time and recorded data website it is the whether channel website. It has the forecast of possibly every place in the World. This website may be helpful for teachers who teach their students about the whether and it can let teachers now the kind of whether it is just in case students do outdoor activates. This website includes not only whether updates but hurricane, tornado, storm, and blizzard warnings for everyone and it is always on real time and updated. It also includes helpful add on tabs on the website such as science, space and other resources.

5 Archival and primary website: National Archives DOCS Teach This archival and national website is primary for history documents and history related primary sources. This website I found helpful for history teachers. It has documents, sources, pictures, paintings from the American history. This can help teachers and students look into famous documents and history pictures. It also has tools and resources for teachers who are teaching history to students. It also includes activities and helpful ideas for teachers and students.

6 Skill/practice website: Book Adventure e.aspx e.aspx e.aspx This website is a reading skill website for not only teachers but students. It has many books that you can search that students can read offline and when they are reading to take a quiz they can take it online to test there reading skills. For a good reading success students earn prizes. It is also great for teachers who read books with students in class. Teachers can look for the book online and print quizzes and activities for that book to test the students knowledge of the book.

7 About the Author My name is Reem Aldubaishi I am majoring in teaching. I am going to teach hopefully elementary school. I have found some of my favorite sites not only helpful for teachers but students as well. Some of the websites include lesson plan websites and skill websites. I have made this PowerPoint for other teachers to use educational websites for there teaching experience. I have found that these websites have helped many teachers and they include the basic learning and skill sites to assist teachers.

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