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Little Hands on the Internet Linda L. Mills Library Media Specialist Greensburg Elementary School Greensburg, Indiana 47240 Phone: 812-934-3844.

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1 Little Hands on the Internet Linda L. Mills Library Media Specialist Greensburg Elementary School Greensburg, Indiana 47240 Phone: 812-934-3844 NECC conference 2004

2 Why Internet for Young Children To show them the world To open up new horizons To obtain material not easily accessible To show them that this is something they will be doing later in life Surfing the Net with Kids

3 The Internet for young children… Is not a substitute for books or libraries Is not something they will be using by themselves Is a tool to show that learning is all around us…that reading is important to help us communicate Will show them that some information is readily available at our fingertips

4 Misconceptions Internet, World Wide Web and E-Mail are the same The Internet has all of the answers. It will replace libraries and books. Everything is free or accessible. Everything you see on the Internet is accurate, reliable, or up to date. Yes, it has pornography, bomb making, how to break the law…but you have to seek these things out.

5 Digital resources for young children Do they have the fine motor skills, cognitive skills, or language and literacy skills to use digital resources? They can use software. They can use keyboards. They can follow pictorial directions. They can use visual cues to understand.

6 The question today is not ARE these technologies appropriate, but rather how do we use these new technologies in appropriate ways to enhance children's learning and development.

7 Steps to take when introducing students to technology Use technology for word processing Use technology wisely and judiciously Use technology correctly Use technology as an extension of your curriculum Use the Internet as you would any other tools in the classroom


9 white mouse: Small squeaky furry rodent. computer mouse: A way of telling the computer what to do without using the keyboard.

10 screen: 1. object inserted into a window to keep bugs outside, or 2. viewing surface for movie screen: viewing surface of computer monitor

11 house window: An opening in a house enabling you to look inside or outside. computer window: An opening into a software application or program.

12 piano keyboard: A way to make music. computer keyboard: A way of telling the computer what to do.

13 landing net: a fishing accessory. computer net: Short for network, a way to hook computers together so they can share information.

14 Where to find ideas for sites Magazines Books Conduct searches using standard search engines or directories Conduct searches using portals

15 Magazines to try Classroom Connect Learning and Leading with Technology MultiMedia Schools Technology and Learning However, many of your magazines like Lollipops, Mailbox, Creative Classroom, Bookbag, Instructor have sites to try also.

16 Books The Internet Kids Yellow Pages by Jean Armour Polly, McGraw Hill, 2003 Yahooligans!Way Cool Web Sites by Richard Raucci, IDG Books, 1996 Surfin the Internet; Practical Ideas from A to Z by Annette Lamb, Vision to Action, 2001 Yellow Pages by Classroom Connect, 2000 These are just a sampling of books available to help you find things on the Web. Classroom Connect is an especially good publisher of educational sites on the Web.

17 Adult Search Engines/Directories Google AltaVista http://www.altavista.com Northern Light Yahoo! Dogpile http://dogpile.com Teoma http://www.teoma.com Vivisimo

18 Sites to use/Kid Search Engines KidsClick!!/!/ Blue Webn Yahooligans Discovery School Ask Jeeves for Kids Awesome Library Kids Search Tools Internet Public Library KidSpace

19 Other Kid Search sites Great Sites Berits Best Sites for Children

20 A resource to help you learn more about Kids Search Engines Haycock, Ken, Michelle Dober, and Barbara Edwards. Authoritative Guide to Kids Search Engines, Subject directories, and Portals. Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2003. Also try the following site to learn more about search engines:

21 Web Evaluation or What Makes a Good Web Site Organization, layout, and ease of use Graphics/topography Authority--edu vs. com Accuracy Links-within/outside Coverage Currency Objectivity



24 Internet Domains com -commercial organization edu - educational institutions gov - government, nonmilitary mil - military org - other organizations net - network resources Email going to international locations have different domains placed on the end, a country code. Every address is classified as a type of domain, just like every address has a state and zip code. This helps the Internet deliver the message.

25 How does the Internet help you, the teacher? Lesson plans and ideas Online professionals to answer questions Online projects for your class Professional resource materials Reference sites Listservs Interactive tutorials Webcams Virtual Field Trips WebQuests

26 Lesson Plan Sites Kindergarten Connection The Activity Idea Place A to Z Teacher Stuff http://AtoZTeacherStuff.com http://www.LessonPlanz.com Mr. Donns Lesson Plan Page Gigglepotz http://www.gigglepotz.com Edupuppy http://www.edupuppy.com Midge Frazel http://www.midgefrazel.net There are many lesson plan sites out there to try. Sample a few of the following and see if they can help you save time.

27 Online professionals Ask an expert Big Chalk Ask Dr. Math

28 Online Projects Email or keypals Projects to join up with Your own projects to collaborate with others

29 Email/Keypals KidLink (Empowering kids and you to build global networks of friends) ro.html ro.html Epals http://www.epals.com Keypals Thinkquest (a non profit organization offering programs designed to advance education through the use of technology)

30 Online Projects with Other Classes Classroom Connect http://www.classroomconnect.net Global School Net http://gsn.org Web 66 http://web66.coled.umn.edu The MegaPenny Project Minds Eye Monster Exchange Project Monarch Watch http://www.MonarchWatch.org KIDPROJ http://www.kidlink.org Get your feet wet with other projects on the Internet before doing one of your own. However, once you are ready, heres some places to go to find projects to try.

31 Answers to Research on Early Childhood Earlychildhood http://www.earlychildhood.com ERIC http://www.ericeece.org Preschool Zone html html Resource Center for Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Teacher Pages html html

32 General Reference Sites Internet Public Library Library Spot http://www.libraryspot.com Indiana Department of Education Index to the Internet http://www.lii.org iTools Reference Desk These are sites that will give you information on a variety of encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference materials, and magazines to help you find information.

33 Listservs Listservs are places to go when you want to talk to others about topics of interest to everyone. There are many listservs out there to use. Try the following to find ones that might interest you. Early Childhood Mailing List html html ECENET-L Procedures at enet-l.html

34 Interactive Sites Learning Planet Wanna Learn Poem Pack s/index.shtml s/index.shtml Internet Coloring books Boowa and Kwala http://www.boowakwala.com Hangman at Kids Corner Blue Dog Can Count

35 Web Cams Tommys List of Live Cams Live NASA Cams html html Science Webcams Live cams are another way to see things on the net. The following are sites you might try.

36 Virtual Field Trips Virtual Field Trips and Web Museums is a portal created by Midge Frazel with many links to virtual field trips. It will take you to a variety of museums all over to explore. It includes the Louvre, Field Musuem, and Museum of National History in Washington, D.C. It will also let you explore such places as Oregon Trail, Colonial Williamsburg, and Death Valley to name a few. Field Guides http://www.field-guides.com

37 WebQuests WebQuest page http://webquest.sdsu.edu Schools of California Online Resources An Insects Perspective ects/top.htm ects/top.htm

38 The Internet can be used directly for all subject areas for Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third. Sites are just harder to find. Just keep on searching.

39 Literature Jan Brett Tedd Arnold Marc Brown Eric Carle Mem Fox Patricia Polcacco Seussville Audrey Wood Storybooks www.lil- Eduscapes

40 Holidays All kinds of holiday stuff Holidays.html Holidays.html Schrocks holiday sites guide/holidays.html guide/holidays.html Lil Fingers http://www.lil-

41 Eisenhower Clearinghouse for Math and Science Using Live Insects in the Elem. Classroom Zoom School Online Autumn index.html index.html ZooLinks Ranger Ricks Kid Zone Gigglepotz Science

42 Science What is it? isit.html isit.html

43 Social Studies Zoom School The White House for Kids Bens Guide to U.S. Government for Kids What is the Capital of….? http://www.what-is- the-capital-of.comhttp://www.what-is- Social Studies projects

44 Geography Zoom School Postcard Geography National Geographic Society Geography Page http://geography.about.com Social Studies projects

45 Art Carlos Coloring Page Crayola Aunt Annies Craft Page Nikolais Web Site I Spy Hop Pop Town

46 Math Sites Numbertime Flashcards AAA Math Figure this Out! Illuminations /prek-2/subtraction/index.html /prek-2/subtraction/index.html

47 More Math Sites Learning Box http://www.learningbox.com Aunty Math Primary Math Games Dr. FreeMath Interactive Mathematics Miscellany & Puzzles Jumpin Jehosaphat the Counting Sheep Arithmetic Software ware.html ware.html

48 Health and Safety sites Smokey the Bear Magic School Bus olgate/index.html olgate/index.html Kids Health A Tooth Unit h/ h/ Yucky World http://www.yucky.com P.E. Central Bill Nye http://www.billnye.com

49 Misc. sites Free downloads Funology Scholastic (falls into all categories) Holiday Clip Art School Clip Art

50 Using the Internet with Lill Kids Changing the way teachers teach, and students learn Empowers everyone, from adult to child to become lifelong learners Complements your school library media center Students need Net access to become knowledgeable workers of the 21st Century

51 In Conclusion….. Start small. Become familiar with sites. Explain to students what the Internet is and does. Never let your children search by themselves. Show them sites; give them sites to use. Preview and evaluate sites. Show them that learning is fun. Most of all--HAVE FUN! There is too much to see and do.

52 Go to my website to find a hotlist of sites to use /teacher/millslinda/ Click on Presentations to get to the hotlist for this NECC presentation. REMEMBER -----


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