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Language Arts Department Head Meeting (Tech Tools and More)

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1 Language Arts Department Head Meeting (Tech Tools and More)
Presentation by Carlos Fernandez

2 Vocab Ahead Vocabulary Videos
Can Focus on Memory, Student Focus, Attention, Speed, Spatial Reasoning, and Problem Solving

3 Doink Create Animations

4 Source:
Polls in the Classroom Instant Student Feedback in classroom. Class Question Homework Question Liker Scale Check for student understanding 4 Source:

5 Testmoz Testmoz - is one of the best and easiest free Test Generators. Make the test. Post the test where students can access it. Testmoz will give you a report of the student data and outcomes. Source: 5

6 Testmoz Reports 6

7 Sample Test Note: If you click on sign up - you can register but it will ask you for a donation. After using this product a couple of times you might see that its well worth a donation. 7

8 Popplet 8

9 How can I integrate Popplet in education?
Mind mapping Assessment Student Projects Brainstorming Presentations Build your lesson around a Popplet Share Popplet’s with students/co-workers Collaborate and Much More 9

10 My Symbaloo End of Presentation they will get a link to this. 10

11 Symbaloo Sites

12 Language Arts Resources
Contains Classroom Activities, Resources, Games, and More.

13 Litfy Lots of free E-Books

14 Create Character Dialogues.
Witty Comics Create Character Dialogues. Select the Pre-Drawn background scenes and the pre-drawn characters they want to feature in their Comics. Writing the dialogues is the creative element that is left to the student.

15 We Video
WeVideo lets you tell your story with video. Our online video editing platform is affordable, simple to use, and uniquely collaborative. Learn more today.

16 Resource Blog

17 Shakespeare Resources
- Search Engine - Word Frequency Lists - Shakespeare Library General Poetry - Poetry Archive - Poetry Foundation - Poetry 180

18 Newspaper Generator

19 Newspaper Generator In a nut shell - this site basically allows the student to enter the following data:  - Name of the News Paper  - Date:  - Headline:  - Enter your story: As you can imagine there are millions of ways that a teacher can infuse such a great resource into their daily teachings.  Here are some basic examples of possible usage.  - Teach different purposes of writing - Teach informational text - How to write op/ed articles - Use as a form of recapping a daily, weekly, or unit lesson - Teach Black History - by focussing on a time period, era, or person - Inspire Creativity with Children As you can see the their are many possible ways to infuse such a great tool in the classroom.  My favorite aspect of this resource is that its web-based (free) and simple to use. 


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