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How “grew up” with SEO! March 2011 Scott Cummings.

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1 How “grew up” with SEO! March 2011 Scott Cummings

2 Identifying Opportunity Identified High Value Keywords Identified search terms with high to medium volume traffic for our major content buckets. Researched search rankings and total search volume for these terms. Determined edge ranking keywords with high search volume. Examples, Fall 2007: Sources and Tools: Visual Sciences ( stats), Google Search Results, Google AdWords, Rank Checker Plugin Google Results RankTotal Google Monthly Search Volume games10,09518200,000,000 kids games9,600224,000,000

3 Initial Efforts and Success Initial SEO Efforts: Optimized on site (Titles, Descriptions, Links, Non-Flash Content, etc) Leveraged partner sites (,, etc) Corrected errors such as 404’s (Google Webmaster Tools) Results (over several months): Higher Rankings Increased Click Through Rate Traffic! Post Optimization, Average Monthly Traffic: Google Results Rank games~600,0003-4 kids games~180,0004-8

4 Optimizing For Traffic Quality All clicks are not equal! One visitor that “converts” is worth more than 1,000 who don’t. Results: Reassessed keywords Re-Optimized Repeat “games” search results and traffic dropped, but more ranked for more relevant terms. KeywordBounce RateAverage Time on Site games~60%1:30 kids games~20%15:00

5 Being the SEO Advocate Using success stories to advocate for SEO Use the numbers to tell a story. Incorporate stats reviews into regular meetings. Remember that organic search is a long term strategy, not a short term campaign. Educate, Empower, Encourage and PRAISE!

6 SEO in the Development Process SEO as Part of the Development Culture SEO best practices are included in all development requirements and standards. SEO is part of the regular development review process. Ultimately, everyone had to buy in to make it a success.

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