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Study Strategies Melissa Brulotte (CHEM PAL), class of 2012.

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1 Study Strategies Melissa Brulotte (CHEM PAL), class of 2012

2 What are some of your study strategies? Do you have a study process?

3 Find a Place Set aside a place where you go to study – Replicate test taking conditions Only study in that place – No Facebook – No email – Turn off your phone – No TV Music okay as long as it doesn’t distract – No lyrics

4 Find a Time Schedule study time like you do class time – You don’t skip class to hang out with friends; say NO if they ask during study time Make a schedule – Google calendar. FREE! If you make a schedule, you will actually have MORE free time to spend with friends


6 Study Session: Get Organized Make a list – What is due – When it’s due Prioritize your list – By date – By impact on your grade Set a goal and a reward for reaching your goal Do something every day

7 Study Session: Get Started This is the hardest part! Start by reviewing your notes from last class – Helps refresh your memory, which will help with assignments or studying – Fill in/clarify what you might have missed Begin the assignment – Even if the first thing you do is wrong, at least you started!

8 Study Session: Finishing Finishing assignments isn’t the last part! Set aside at least 5 mins to review all notes from the beginning of class to present Reward yourself, but only if you reached your goal

9 Other Study Tips Stay organized! – Notebook – Study space Make studying active – Re-write notes – Draw diagrams – Recite out loud – Act things out – Teach a friend – Work with a study group

10 Exam Strategies

11 Before The Exam Make sure you have all the materials – Calculator – More than one pen and more than one pencil – Erasers Eat before you take your exam Sleep at least 6 hours the night before – Do not cram!

12 During The Exam Skip questions you don’t immediately understand – Do everything you know first – This will build your confidence for the tough questions Focus on the higher point questions Take a break if you are frustrated – Look up and away from the test, and take a deep breath If you do all these things, you do NOT need to rush – Rushing = mistakes

13 Good luck!

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