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Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path

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1 Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path
Fourth Grade Unit 6 Week 2 By

2 Genre - Biography A biography is the story of a real person’s life that is written by another person.

3 Vocabulary Strategy – Dictionary/Glossary
This is a dictionary. You use this to look up the meaning of words, the pronunciation, and the part of speech. A glossary is located in the back of a library book or text book. It has all the information a dictionary has, but it only contains words used in the text.

4 Comprehension Skill – Fact and Opinion
Statements of fact can be proved true or false. Statements of opinions are judgments, beliefs, or ways of thinking about something.

5 Comprehension Strategy – Text Structure
Good readers look over the text before they read. Much nonfiction text follows a time sequence. When writing this way, the author will sometimes give a statement of opinion and then makes supporting statements. Sometimes facts are given first, then followed by the author’s opinion.

6 Boarding School Dormitory Endurance Manual Reservation Society
Vocabulary Boarding School Dormitory Endurance Manual Reservation Society

7 Boarding School A school where children live away from home.

8 Dormitory A building with many rooms in which people sleep; student housing.

9 The power to last and to withstand hard wear.
Endurance The power to last and to withstand hard wear.

10 Manual Done by hands

11 Reservation Land set aside by the government for a special purpose.

12 Society All people

13 As a young boy, how was Jim different from Charlie?
Jim worked harder on the farm. Jim was stronger and faster. Jim earned higher grades in school.

14 What is a main idea from the story?
Jim and Charlie learned to ride horses. Jim and Charlie liked playing together. Jim preferred to do outdoor activities.

15 The teachers hit Jim with a ruler whenever he spoke Sac at school because they --
Wanted him to speak the language properly Wanted to make him forget about his culture Did not want him to talk during class

16 How were the Agency Boarding School and the Haskell Institute alike?
The students were Indians They held class outside The teachers spoke Sac

17 Why did the recruiter from Carlisle lie to Jim?
He thought it would help Jim get over his mom’s death He wanted Jim to learn how to help the Indians He wanted to convince Jim to go to school there

18 Which of the following is a main idea from this story?
Jim participated in sports to show other races what Indians could do Jim stood at the end zone as he handed the ball to Coach Warner Jim played scrub football with some of his friends from school

19 What is the purpose of the timeline in the story?
The timeline allows us to see the important dates in Jim Thorpe’s life, and we are able to see what happens to him after our story ends.

20 How might Jim’s life have been different if he had stayed at home instead of attending Carlisle?
He probably would not have became a professional athlete.

21 Why was the name “Wa-tho-huck” a good one for Jim?
The name meant “Bright Path” which was a good name for Jim because he was successful in sports and became famous.

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