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How Tia Lola Came to Stay Fourth Grade Unit 6 Week 3 Kristi Goggans.

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1 How Tia Lola Came to Stay Fourth Grade Unit 6 Week 3 Kristi Goggans

2 Genre – Realistic Fiction Realistic fiction is made up, but the characters and events are so lifelike that the story seems as if it must be true.

3 Vocabulary Strategy – Context Clues Sometimes you can use context clues – the words and sentences around an unknown word – to help you figure out the meaning of the word.

4 Comprehension Skill – Character and Theme What the characters in a story do and say give clues about what they are like. The theme is the underlying meaning of a story. The author may state the theme or the reader has to think about the story in order to figure out the theme. A reader must have proof from the story to support a theme.

5 Comprehension Strategy – Summarize As you read a story, summarize the characters’ goals and how they try to reach them. Ask yourself, “ What are the characters like as they try to reach their goals? Do they succeed? Summarizing will help you figure out the theme of the story.

6 Vocabulary Affords Colonel Glint Lurking Palettes Quaint Resemblance

7 Affords Gives as an effect or a result; provides

8 Colonel A military rank below General

9 Glint A gleam or a flash

10 Lurking Hiding or moving about in a secret and sly manner

11 Palettes Mixing board for paints

12 Quaint Strange or odd in an interesting, pleasing, or amusing way

13 Resemblance Similar appearance; likeness

14 What is the most likely reason the author described the photographs of Colonel Charlebois as a boy? To explain why he was unhappy To tell about his baseball uniform To show that he loved baseball

15 Miguel had to write a letter to Colonel Charlebois because - The colonel didn’t want to answer the telephone Miguel’s family didn’t have a phone Miguel didn’t have the colonel’s phone number

16 Which of these events happened last in the story? Miguel found photographs that showed the colonel as a boy The colonel accepted an invitation from Miguel’s Tia Lola Miguel and his team began practicing in the colonel’s field.

17 Which of these is an important theme from the story? People from different backgrounds can have fun together Sports are only enjoyed by young people and their families Photographs show people, places, and events from the past.

18 At the beginning of the story, how were Tia Lola and Colonel Charlebois alike? They seemed to know what would happen They enjoyed telling stories to children They had unusual ways of doing things.

19 When Tia Lola said she planned to “change a hard heart” she meant that she would change - The colonel’s mind by making him happy Her mind and repaint the house white Miguel’s family about moving back to New York.

20 What kind of person was Tia Lola? Noisy Clever Nervous

21 Which of these is an important theme from the story? A person’s time is as valuable as money A person who is kind has no friends A person’s face is the window to their heart

22 Which of these gave Tia Lola her best clue for what would probably make Colonel Charlebois happy? The old photograph The answering machine The trimmed hedges

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