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READ ALOUD : “Wild and Swampy”

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1 READ ALOUD : “Wild and Swampy”
GENRE: Autobiography The true story of a person’s life, written by that person The author reflects upon, or looks back on, parts of his or her life and shares personal thoughts and feelings about them. Authors often use adjectives, to tell about real experiences and help readers visualize the experiences and the author’s feelings about them.

2 leaching planks scurried
FOCUS ON VOCABULARY leaching planks scurried

3 leaching The minerals are leaching out of the soil.
If something is leaching out of the soil, is it going into the soil or leaving the soil?? leaching– the removal of material by way of separation through water

4 planks We used planks to make a bridge across the stream.
What are some other items that can be made out of planks? planks– wooden boards

5 scurried A mouse suddenly scurried across the kitchen floor.
What is a synonym for scurried? What is an antonym for it? scurried– moved quickly

6 Vocabulary for “A Renaissance in Harlem”

7 dismiss We can dismiss that idea because it will not work.
Why might you dismiss an an idea that someone presented to you? dismiss– to forget about something or put it aside

8 interact I interact with the students at school.
Who are some of the people with whom you interact ? interact– speak to a person or do something together

9 motivate Seeing the movie helped motivate me to read the book.
What is a synonym for motivate? motivate– make a person want to take action

10 conceived Mom conceived of the perfect way to get me to do my chores– paying me. When is the last time you conceived of a good idea? What was that idea? conceived– thought of an idea or a plan

11 definition The word mollify was new to me, so I looked up its definition in an online dictionary. Why is it important to understand the definition of a word? definition– an explanation of what a word means

12 Comprehension STRATEGY: EVALUATE
Evaluate– think critically, or carefully, about a text and make judgments about its value Evaluating helps readers understand because it makes them focus on what an author says and why he or she says it. It also helps readers distinguish fact from opinion.

13 Comprehension SKILL: FACT AND OPINION
fact- something that can be proven true opinion- what someone believes or thinks -Words such as I think, I feel, and the best can signal opinion. Authors sometimes state opinions as facts. Good readers evaluate what they read to distinguish fact from opinion. Authors also base their opinions on facts. Good readers evaluate the facts and judge whether they agree with the opinions.

14 No graphic organizer this week.

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