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Coyote School News Unit 2 Week 2.

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1 Coyote School News Unit 2 Week 2

2 Skills Dictionary/Glossary Drawing Conclusions Prior Knowledge

3 Dictionary/Glossary You use a dictionary and/or glossary to help you find the meaning of unknown words. A dictionary is a book of all words and their definitions. A glossary is located in the back of a nonfiction book that had the definition of only the words found in that book.

4 Drawing Conclusions Drawing conclusions is forming an opinion based on what you already know about a topic and on the facts and details found in the text you are reading.

5 Prior Knowledge Prior knowledge is what you already know about a topic before reading more information about it.

6 Vocabulary Roundup Coyote Spurs Dudes Bawling

7 Roundup Herding cattle for branding or sale

8 Coyote Small wolf-like animal

9 Spurs Spiked wheels strapped to the heel of a boot

10 Dudes Cowhands or easterners

11 Bawling Crying

12 What did Monchi mean when he said the U. S
What did Monchi mean when he said the U.S. “moved the line” when it bought land from Mexico? The U.S. changed the route of a new highway to Mexico. New laws allowed some citizens of the U.S. to move to Mexico. The border between the U.S. and Mexico changed.

13 Where was the Ramirez Ranch located?
United States Mexico Canada

14 The most likely reason the children liked that Miss Byers lived on a ranch was that she…
Lived in the same kind of place they did Hired them to do chores for her Understood how hard they worked in the fields

15 Monchi’s problem in the story was that he wanted to…
Write a story for Coyote News Win the Perfect Attendance Award Ride to school on a bus every day

16 How were Miss Byers and Monchi alike?
They were absent from school during round up. They got hurt while riding in the back of a truck. They helped brand the cattle on their ranches.

17 What is something Tucson had that Monchi’s community probably didn’t have?
Music and dancing Roads for cars and trucks A movie theater

18 Because Monchi broke his wrist…
His Tia Lena knew what to get him for Christmas. He could not help his family with the roundup. His father told him to walk to school.

19 From details in the story, you can tell that roundups are…
Hard work Held in winter Held after school

20 Where did Monchi go to see the doctor?
Rattle Snake Canyon Tucson Coyote Ranch

21 Which of the following is the best clue for when the story took place?
Most of the children rode a bus to Coyote School. Gilbert wrote his story for the newspaper in Spanish. Monchi wished President Roosevelt would fix the roads.

22 Why do you think the author included pages from the Coyote News in this story?
To entertain the readers with stories that students wrote To inform readers about current events To persuade readers to create a school newspaper

23 Miss Byers gave Monchi a silver dollar for a writing award because she knew…
He could not help being absent from school. His tia Lena was not able to give him the coin. He was graduating and would be leaving school.

24 What was one way that Miss Byers helped students appreciate their culture?
She told them to be proud they knew Spanish.

25 How do you know that school is important to the Ramirez family?
All of the Ramirez children attended school, even though there was a lot of work to be done on the ranch.

26 Why was it hard for Monchi to choose between earning the Perfect Attendance Award and the roundup?
No matter which one he chose to do, he would miss out on the other. He know he would be sad about the thing he did not get to do.

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