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Grandfather’s Journey

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1 Grandfather’s Journey
Unit 1 Week 3

2 Genre – Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction is set in the past. It is a story in which some of the details are facts, but in which others are made up or are loosely based on history.

3 Vocabulary Strategy – Dictionary/Glossary
Sometimes when you are reading, you may see a word whose meaning you know, but that meaning doesn’t make sense in the sentence. It may be a word that has more than one meaning. You can use a dictionary or a glossary to help you.

4 Comprehension Skill - Sequence
Sequence means the order in which things happen. Dates, times, and clue words such as first, then, next, and last can help you understand the order of events. Sometimes two or more events happen at the same time. Words such as meanwhile and during can show this.

5 Comprehension Strategy – Graphic Organizers
Using a graphic organizer can help you understand what you read. Some of these are webs, charts, and diagrams.

6 Bewildered Amazed Longed Still Sculptures Homeland Towering
Vocabulary Bewildered Amazed Longed Still Sculptures Homeland Towering

7 Bewildered Confused

8 Amazed Surprised; awe-surprised

9 Longed Wanted

10 Still Calm

11 Sculptures Statues

12 Homeland Native Country

13 Towering High

14 Why was the author’s grandfather amazed at the sights in North America?
He met people of different colors. It was very different from his home. The war had destroyed many cities.

15 Which detail suggests that the author’s grandfather liked his journey through North America?
He never thought of going home. He wore a new kind of clothes. He did not see land for three weeks.

16 Which of the following events happened first in the story?
The author’s grandmother had a baby girl. The author’s grandfather traveled in America. The author’s mother moved to Japan with her family.

17 Why was the village NOT a good place to raise a daughter who had grown up in San Francisco?
The village was not as safe as the city. The village was too small and quiet. His daughter did not have any friends in the village.

18 When did Grandfather return to live in his childhood village for the last time?
After the war Before he left Japan Before he lived in San Francisco

19 Why did the author’s grandfather raise songbirds?
To reduce his homesickness To sell to world travelers To keep him company

20 When did the author write this story?
Before his grandfather returned to Japan While his grandfather lived in California After his grandfather passed away

21 Which of the following happened last ?
The author’s grandfather traveled to North America The author had a child of his own The author missed his old friends

22 How might this story be different if the author had never traveled to California?
He would not understand his grandfather as well as he does.

23 In what way is the author’s homesickness like his grandfather’s homesickness?
They both miss the country they have left behind.

24 What is the main idea of this story?
The author, like his grandfather, loves two countries.

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