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Preparing Today's Youth to be Tomorrow's Leaders.

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1 Preparing Today's Youth to be Tomorrow's Leaders

2 The "Eagle" was selected by the planning committee as the mascot for our new school. This mascot was used by the original Meridianville School once located at Lions Club Park. The actual design was selected by our students and fine-tuned by our art teacher, Mrs. Susan Henry. "Navy Blue" and "Crimson were chosen as school colors in keeping with the colors used by many of the Meridianville summer youth league All-Star teams.

3 Hazel Green Elementary Lynn Fanning Elementary Walnut Grove Elementary

4 MMS, a school in Madison Co, Alabama, was built in 1999. We currently have grades 6-8.

5 The front of the school. Students load and unload their personal vehicle in the front of the building.

6 Welcome to MMS! This is our mascot Ethan the eagle- always opening the doors to Good to Great Together.

7 Lobby View

8 To the right is the main office.

9 Heres the main office. Where you will usually find Mr. Tom Highfield, Principal; Mrs. Lori Shotts, Assistant Principal; Mrs. Karen Stephens, Secretary; Mrs. Phyllis Watson, Bookkeeper.

10 This is Meridianville Middles wonderful principal, Mr.Highfield. He began his professional teaching career at Riverton Middle School in 1985. Then he became Assistant Principal at New Hope High School (K-12) In 1995. In 1997, he became the Principal of New Hope Elementary school (K- 8). He transferred to Meridianville in 2003. He is proud to be at Meridianville and plans to continue the tradition of excellence.

11 Lori Shotts is one of the Assistant Principals at Meridianville Middle School. She has been here since 1999. Mrs. Shotts loves being at MVMS and being a part of the Meridianville Community.

12 We are very proud to have Mr. Quinn Headen serving as one of our assistant principals. He began teaching at Hazel Green High School in 1997. Mr. Headen has been at MVMS since 2003.

13 Mrs. Sandra Austin is MMS newest member of our administrators. Mrs. Austin began teaching special Education at Madsion County High School in 1986. She became Assistant principal at Hazel Green Elementary in 2003 then transferred to MVMS in 2006 Her office is located at the end of the sixth grade hall.

14 This is the first aid room. Our first aid room is operated by the American Red Cross Volunteers.

15 To the right is the check out office and the nurses office.

16 To the left is the window where you may check out a child.

17 This is the check out office. You must have your photo ID to check out a child.

18 To the right is the trophy case.

19 Our trophies are proudly displayed in the lobby. The welcome sign/information board is also in the lobby.

20 To the left is the gymnasium.

21 These are the gym bleachers where our home fans root on their teams.

22 This is the gym floor. MMS has a history of being champions on and off the court.

23 The entrance to both the locker rooms. Boys Locker Room. Girls Locker Room.

24 Here is what the locker rooms look like. This is one of the coaches offices. It is located in the center of both the home and visitors locker rooms.

25 We are back in the lobby.

26 If you make a left, you will be in the Eagles Nest.

27 Welcome to the Eagles Nest! This area is used for school performances, faculty meetings, professional development, and county-wide workshops.

28 Straight to the back is the bus rider line.

29 This is where the buses load and unload at school. This is one of approximately ten buses.

30 A little to the right is the cafeteria.

31 The stage in the lunchroom is where the teachers get to enjoy lunch with one another.

32 The students enjoy their lunch here.

33 This is what the lunch line looks like. Students have a choice between two entrees, a salad, or sandwiches.

34 These are the lunch menus and prices.

35 This is where you pay for your lunch or breakfast.

36 To the right is your way down the hallway and to some of the restrooms.

37 Here is one of our five restrooms.

38 1 st Floor hallway. Counselors Office Main Hall Arts Hall

39 Mr. Brodt and Mrs. Carrs offices. Mr. Brodt and Mrs. Carr are our counselors.

40 This is the ramp leading to the art and band room. Arts Hall Band Room

41 You are now entering the art room!

42 Inside the art room.

43 You will always hear music coming from this end of the hall! This is the entrance to the band room.

44 Inside the band room.

45 You are back looking down the sixth grade hall.

46 This is the sixth grade lockers. There are lockers located on both floors for all students. We have approximately 1,000 lockers.

47 We have 3 fully loaded computer labs. Computer is offered as an elective in both 6th & 7th grade. The third lab is used by the whole school on a rotating basis. You will find the 6 th grade lab and the rotating lab on the first floor at the end of the hall.

48 The stairs. Counselors office

49 Up the stairs we go! 7 th and 8 th grade classes are up stairs and so is the library, along with one of the administrators. We have 5 sets of stairs throughout the building.

50 We are finally upstairs! The arrow is pointing to Mr. Headens office.

51 This is the entrance to Mr. Headens office.

52 Arrows pointing to some of the classrooms.

53 Heres an entrance to a classroom. There are 15 on the first floor and 21 on the second floor.

54 This is what an ordinary classroom looks like.

55 The elevator can be used for quick and easy access to different floors. Only students with special needs or people with a pass due to injury can use it. Of course adults and guests are welcome to hop aboard.

56 The lobby to the library.

57 The Knight in front of the library. Warning: Entering the library may cause you to travel to the land of unknown.

58 Every month we have a guess how many treat dish. You try and guess the number of treats in the container, if you guess right, you get it!

59 Shh! Youre inside the library!

60 We have a wide selection of books, reference material, and computers with internet access.

61 This is where you check-out your books.

62 This is one of the science labs.

63 Dont be bad! This is what an Appropriate Alternative Placement (AAP) cubby hole looks like! Would you want to spend your day here? Me neither.

64 Now you are back downstairs in the lobby.

65 Welcome to the outside tour. You must exit the back of the school to get to the ball fields.

66 You can see some of the fields. We have a baseball, football, soccer, and softball field. Here at MMS we say play hard or dont play at all!

67 This is an arial view of the school. Can you see our ball fields behind the school?

68 We also have a dance team, tumble team, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, scholars bowl, web page crew, drill team, band team, and drama production team. There is something for everyone.

69 Students: Hannah Kelsey Lorenzo Teacher: Mrs. Jean Henderson 6 th grade computer

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