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Rosscarrock School We are your neighbourhood School 2010-2011.

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1 Rosscarrock School We are your neighbourhood School 2010-2011

2 Welcome to Rosscarrock School Motto “Rosscarrock Cares”. Kindergarten to grade six. Small community school 150 students. Many students walk to school. Out of area students choosing Rosscarrock School: 40.

3 Rosscarrock School High quality staff love working here. Diversity of students – many cultures are represented. Excellent physical appearance inside.

4 As you enter the school…

5 Principal’s message This is now my sixth year in this school. I love working here to support students and their families. Walk down the hallways and peek into classrooms and see why we love our school. Young people and adults are learning together in a supportive environment.

6 Kindergarten to grade 6

7 Learning is our central purpose

8 Our students include… 21% English as a Second Language (speaking 22 languages from 21 countries) 27% with special needs on Individual Program Plans. 19% aboriginal students

9 Programs and unique features Daily physical education.4 music specialist Part time literacy support teacher Big Brother/Big Sisters find mentors for selected students.

10 Daily physical education

11 Excellent music program

12 Celebrating student work

13 Guest educators 2010- 2011 Calgary Reads volunteers – all year Quest Theatre plays Visual artists in residence Hip Hop dance instruction week long residence The One World Drum Company week long residence Stream of Dreams project Trickster Theatre Company week long residence

14 School culture Weekly assembly – students showcase classroom work. Reading buddies. Students know students in other grades by name. Birds and plants in hall.

15 Birds and plants in the hall

16 Support for students: Resource teacher coordinates student services. High quality ESL and Literacy Support. Educational Assistants work directly with children. Fuel for School Breakfast Program. Lunch Program: hot soup Tues/Thurs.

17 Support for Students Homework Club Monday to Thursday after school. After school Y Program for grades 4 to 6.

18 ESL for those learning English

19 The Reading Room Guided reading resources K to 3. Books support classroom reading instruction. Books for home reading.

20 Computers support learning

21 The library is the heart of the school All students sign out books. Resources for research. Teachers read quality literature.

22 Library improvements $30 000 new books. Freshly painted walls. Improved shelving. Library assistant works with students.

23 Lunchroom staff supervise students

24 New resources that support student learning Social studies texts K – 6. New music instruments. New math resources K – 6. Literacy resources for all grades.

25 Active Parent Council Parents and school work together. New playground September 2007. New computers in lab and classrooms. Smartboards in each classroom. Fundraising supports swimming, off- campus activities, Guest Educators.

26 Parent Council, staff and community constructed new playground – September 2007.

27 Building Improvements New roof – August 2006. Installed sink in lunchroom. Hallways, library and other public spaces “de-cluttered”. Hallways and offices painted Jan 09. New fire alarm system Aug 09.

28 “Our School, Our Community” mural Dena Seiferling, Calgary artist, Nov 2008

29 Artist Statement My name is Dena Seiferling and I am a freelance illustrator. In 2008 I worked with Rosscarrock School to create a mural. I had the wonderful opportunity of involving the students in the mural making process. Each class, kindergarten to grade six, participated with me in a brainstorming session. We shared words and images that express the way they feel about their school, and why their school is special. The students then worked individually on their own message, completing a piece of artwork. These visions inspired me to create my ideas for the mural. The completed mural is located in the front entrance of the school. The first image introduces ‘Rosscarrock School’ and incorporates the element of diversity. The second image blends all of what makes the school special into a whole. The colours are vibrant and express the positive energy that radiates from Rosscarrock School.

30 How you help our students. Support public education. Model being a learner. Show respect to others. Get along with others in the community. Have fun together.

31 Thank you for taking this tour

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