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Random Fact or Fiction Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy FactsSchool Life Beyond the Classroom.

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2 Random Fact or Fiction Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy FactsSchool Life Beyond the Classroom

3 $100 Question: “Facts” What is Thomas Jefferson’s mascot? ANSWER

4 $100 Answer: “Facts” Hornet HOME

5 $200 Question: “Facts” Who is the principal at Thomas Jefferson Middle School? ANSWER

6 $200 Answer: “Facts” Ms. Boggan HOME

7 $300 Question: “Facts” Who is the school counselor at Jefferson Middle School? ANSWER

8 $300 Answer: “Facts” Ms. Reeve HOME

9 $400 Question: “Facts” What are the school colors for Jefferson Middle School? ANSWER

10 $400 Answer: “Facts” Blue & Gold HOME

11 $500 Question: “Facts” Approximately how many students go to Jefferson Middle School? ANSWER

12 $500 Answer: “Facts” 833 HOME

13 $100 Question: “School Life” What are electives? ANSWER

14 $100 Answer: “School Life” Classes that you get to choose from. HOME

15 $200 Question: “School Life” Are you allowed to carry a book bag? ANSWER

16 $200 Answer: “School Life” No, students have a locker to carry their things. Each student also carries a 3 inch binder. HOME

17 $300 Question: “School Life” How many minutes do you have between classes? ANSWER

18 $300 Answer: “School Life” 3 minutes! Most classes are very close together so that’s plenty of time. HOME

19 $400 Question: “School Life” What are the school hours in middle school? ANSWER

20 $400 Answer: “School Life” 7:40 AM- 2:24 PM HOME

21 $500 Question: “School Life” How many class periods are in 1 day? ANSWER

22 $500 Answer: “School Life” There are 8 class periods including lunch HOME

23 $100 Question: “Beyond the Classroom” Will I have all of my classes with my elementary school friends? ANSWER

24 $100 Answer: “Beyond the Classroom” No. Chances are, you will not have many classes with your friends from elementary school. However, you may have some classes or lunch with them. The bright side? You can still be their friend AND make lots of new friends too. HOME

25 $200 Question: “Beyond the Classroom” True or False? You will have more food choices in the cafeteria in middle school than in elementary school. ANSWER

26 $200 Answer: “Beyond the Classroom” True! HOME

27 $300 Question: “Beyond the Classroom” What are the names of some clubs you could join? (Name 3) ANSWER

28 $300 Answer: “Beyond the Classroom” Fencing Club Writing Club Chess Club Math Clinic Community Service Club Jefferson Journeys Hiking/Biking Club Phoenix Bikes After School Club Challenge 20/20 Yoga Club Latin American Dance Club Teen Advisory Board Jefferson Garden Workshop Jefferson Stage Crew FCCLA HOME National Junior Classical League Model United Nations Tolerance Club Multicultural Committee Geography Bee GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) Sign Language Club Art Club Jefferson girls on the move Sports Choice National Junior Honor Society Math Counts/Math Team Student Council Drama Club

29 $400 Question: “Beyond the Classroom” Do you have PE every day in middle school? ANSWER

30 $400 Answer: “Beyond the Classroom” No, You will have PE every other day at Jefferson. You will have World Language on the day you do not have PE HOME

31 $500 Question: “Beyond the Classroom” What happens if you forget your locker combination? ANSWER

32 $500 Answer: “Beyond the Classroom” The front office has your combination written down. It is important for you to remember and be responsible for your combination, but don’t panic if you forget it. HOME

33 $100 Question: “Random” How many lunch periods are there? ANSWER

34 $100 Answer: “Random” There are 3 lunch periods, one for each grade. 6 th Grade has their own lunch period. Lunch starts at 10:30 am, so bring an afternoon snack. HOME

35 $200 Question: “Random” How will you know when to change classes? ANSWER

36 $200 Answer: “Random” A bell will ring, signaling the end of the class period. Then, you go to your next class. Don’t be late! HOME

37 $300 Question: “Random” How can you see your school counselor in middle school? ANSWER

38 $300 Answer: “Random” To see your school counselor, simply ask your teacher to go to counseling, or stop by her office in between classes. If your counselor isn’t there, write your name on her whiteboard on her door. HOME

39 $400 Question: “Random” Which grades ride the bus together? ANSWER

40 $400 Answer: “Random” 6 th, 7 th, & 8 th graders ride the school bus together HOME

41 $500 Question: “Random” What is peer pressure? ANSWER

42 $500 Answer: “Random” Students who are about your age who make you feel like you HAVE to do something to be “cool.” HOME

43 $100 Question: “Fact or Fiction” Fact or Fiction? Your parents are responsible for you doing your homework. ANSWER

44 $100 Answer: “Fact or Fiction” Fiction You will be responsible for keeping up with your assignments/homework HOME

45 $200 Question: “Fact or Fiction” Fact or Fiction? There are bullies in middle school. ANSWER

46 $200 Answer: “Fact or Fiction” Fact There could be bullies in any school, but you know what to do! HOME

47 $300 Question: “Fact or Fiction” Fact or Fiction? There is more homework in middle school than elementary school. ANSWER

48 $300 Answer: “Fact or Fiction” Fact As school subjects get harder, it may take longer to do your assignments. However, you WILL have time for extracurricular activities like sports, music, clubs, time with friends, and more! HOME

49 $400 Question: “Fact or Fiction” Fact or Fiction? Jefferson Middle School has sports that students can try out for. ANSWER

50 $400 Answer: “Fact or Fiction” Fact Students can tryout for basketball, soccer, diving, swimming, tennis, track, dance/cheer or wrestling in middle school. Students must be passing all classes in order to participate in a sport. HOME

51 $500 Question: “Fact or Fiction” Fact or Fiction? There is nobody to help you find your classes if you get lost. ANSWER

52 $500 Answer: “Fact or Fiction” Fiction Teachers are available to help you. HOME

53 Final Jeopardy Who are 3 people to go to if you have more questions about middle school? ANSWER

54 Final Jeopardy Answer Friend Family Member Teacher School Counselor Principal Other Adult and more! HOME

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