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Welcome to Oswego Middle School Home of the Buccaneers.

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1 Welcome to Oswego Middle School Home of the Buccaneers

2 School Supply Lists Posted Early Summer Articles of Interest Daily Announcements School Newsletter


4 Breakfast - 7:15 Doors Open – 7:25 (Bell Rings – 7:30) 1 st Period Begins – 7:36 9 Period Day – 45 minute classes Lunch – 30 minutes Family and Consumer Science Technology Health Foreign Language – 8 th Grade ONLY Art, Music, PE ELA, SS, Science, Math *NEW* Accelerated Math and Science – Grade 7 High School Level Courses: Career and Financial Management, Integrated Algebra, Living Environment (Biology) (Fall 2014) and Foreign Language Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Sports

5 7E, 7W, 7S Teams Math, Science, English, Social Studies... All rooms located in the same hallway... Team Activities and Events... Ex. The Hunger Games...

6 All 7 th Grade Students enter through the MAIN DOOR as all 7 th grade lockers and classrooms are on the MAIN LEVEL of the building... Doors open at 7:25 in the morning – You do not need to arrive at school any earlier than that... Arrangements can be made to stay After school with teachers for extra help...

7 Combination Lock on Both – you may want to purchase an inexpensive lock to practice with this summer – to make sure you know how to enter a combination (we will provide you with locks when you arrive at school in the fall. NEVER share your combinations NEVER share your actual locker Small Deposit for the Lock you will use in PE

8 Bathrooms and Water Fountains are available on each floor... 7 th and 8 th Grade... Some LARGER lockers available to students who regularly demonstrate the PBIS Behavioral Traits


10 ( At OMS you will need to change into Gym Clothes for PE.... The clothes you change into must be appropriate for physical activity... We also have a POOL at OMS... All Gym classes will swim for 3 months )

11 French and Spanish... You can earn High School Credit... Not until 8 th Grade...... French Club Trip to Montreal

12 Linda Dutil RN. Fall Pep Rally Greg Callen – ‘Move It Along’ 8 th Grade Awards Ceremony

13 Please see Handout with all CLUBS and advisors listed for the 2013– 2014School year

14 Fall: Football, Soccer, Cross – Country, Swim, JV Tennis at OHS Winter: Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball Spring: Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Track

15 7 th Grade Counselor – Mrs. Pearson 8 th Grade Counselor – Mrs. Cooper Social Worker – Mrs. Dewey – Flint School Psychologist – Ms. Barbarino Principal – Mrs. Fierro Assistant Principal – Mrs. Proud


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