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The Scramble for Africa

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1 The Scramble for Africa 1880-1914

2 Belgian Congo or Congo Free State
The Belgian Congo Congo Free State The Congo Free State was held as the personal property of King Leopold II of Belgium from 1876 to 1908. 1876: Leopold organizes a meeting in Brussels to discuss a plan “to open to civilization the only part of our globe where Christianity has not yet penetrated and to pierce the darkness which envelops the whole population.”

3 King Leopold II and the Congo Free State “I do not want to miss a good chance of getting a slice of this magnificent African cake.” --Leopold II (after Brussels conference)

4 Congo Free State 1884: Bismarck calls European powers to Berlin for a conference that leads to the Scramble for Africa. Leopold is given complete control over the Congo Free State; in return he guarantees free trade rights: no monopolies; no taxes and tariffs, no restriction on trade. 1908: Leopold bequeathed the CFS to Belgium for 150m francs.

5 Berlin Conference “Here is Russia and here is France, with Germany in the middle. That is my map of Africa.” --Bismarck

6 Rubber tree

7 Belgian Congo Leopold’s rule resulted in the torture and murder of an estimated six to ten million Congolese between 1888 and 1908. The population of the Congo was reduced by half. Ivory became a Belgian monopoly. Rubber from rubber trees for tires very lucrative.

8 Belgian Congo The rubber harvest was entirely worked through slave labor. Reports of amputation and torture. Congo Reform Association established in 1903 by Roger Casement (friend of Conrad’s). Casement got Conrad to write a letter about conditions in the Congo: “It is an extraordinary thing that the conscience of Europe which seventy years ago …put down the slave trade on humanitarian grounds tolerates the Congo state today.”


10 Causes and Justifications for Partition
Imperialism--Capitalism and Industrial Revolution Social Darwinism Morality and the Civilizing Mission European Balance of Power African Resistance to Merchants spurs military conquest Greed

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