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Welcome to Course title goes here Your Logo. Introduction.

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1 Welcome to Course title goes here Your Logo

2 Introduction

3 Learning Objectives In this course you will learn the following …

4 Company History

5 Key Customer Types List who are most likely to use this product… (Example below) Contractors Electrical Superintendent Etc…

6 Key Decision Maker and Buying Influences List the key decision maker and buying influences (Example below) Electrician Electrical Contractor General Contractor Lighting Designer Architect Building Owner CFO Etc...

7 Most Common Applications Most common application(s) where this product is commonly installed: Residential Construction Commercial Projects Industrial construction/MRO Lighting Upgrade/Retrofit Hazardous / corrosive locations Etc…

8 Product Options Available with plastic coating Model X Series

9 Key Decision Criteria for Customers Key decision criteria for customers…. on which they will make their product selection. In other words, what are the most important thing (s) they are looking for?

10 Product Features List features Features of [product name] Describe the product features most important to deliver a positive result for customer. Include any features that are unique to your offering and/or superior to your competition.

11 Product Benefits Benefits of [product name] If yes, please explain Productivity enhancement (Labor saving)? Can this product help result in any of the following benefits (i.e. profitability) to customers? If yes, please explain Lower energy bills? If yes, please explain Better working conditions at customer facility? If yes, please explain Better Enhance plant/personnel safety? If yes, please explain Ensure code compliance? If yes, please explain Other?

12 Optional Slide Emerging market trends which will positively impact the use of this product

13 Resources Sales Support tools and other resources that will be helpful to member employees, customers, and prospects. Embed links to website or pdf into module as appropriate. List of resources (Link)

14 Optional Slide 3-5 tips for a successful sales call Tips

15 Optional Slide Service issues affecting the sales of the product… If yes, are merchandising resources available? Is this product sold in front of the distributors counter? Is this a distributor stock item for most distributors? If not, what are typical lead times to obtain product?

16 Competitive Products and Key Weaknesses Summary of most important points Reinforce the reason why your company and products are the best choice for members and their customers.

17 Module Complete Please proceed to the quiz Course title goes here

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