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Name of Business Slogan Entrepreneur’s name title.

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1 Name of Business Slogan Entrepreneur’s name title

2 Business Profile My Business Idea…
Describe your business idea clearly – what do you sell or what service do you provide? Describe what type of business you will run – service, retail, manufacturing

3 Product Features & Benefits
Be specific in identifying the benefits to your customers for the features you identify. Features of your product/service: Benefits to your customers:

4 Stage of Development Use this slide only if it applies to your business. Delete it if it does not.

5 Production/Manufacturing
Production process, internally produced, purchased from others. Explain/describe the facilities needed to run your business

6 Business Operations/Ownership
Identify the ownership structure of your business along with an explanation as to why this is the best option for you and your business.

7 Management Team Describe why you are qualified to run this company – highlight any experience you have working in this business area.

8 Management Team Describe the people you have that will be
part of your management team (If you are in this business by yourself, you should still include those people who will be you mentors and advisers.

9 Marketing Plan INDUSTRY PROFILE Location and Facilities Current Market
Use the information from this section of your BizInnovator Business Model

10 Marketing Plan INDUSTRY PROFILE Industry Trends Seasonality Factors
Distribution Use the information from this section of your BizInnovator Business Model. Add slides if needed

11 Marketing Research/ Competition Profile
Competition – Who are your competitors? Describe your competitive Advantages? Explain the important aspects of your competitive matrix chart to compare your business to your competition. **DUPLICATE THIS SLIDE IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE.

12 Marketing Plan: Customer Profile
Describe your target market; (your intended customer) **Use the information from your Target Clientele Worksheet **Include any and all information that helps you to understand who your customer is and how often your customer will buy/use your product/service.

13 Marketing Plan: Pricing Profile
Describe your pricing strategy; will price be something you focus on with your customers or will it be your quality…or both? How will your pricing compare to that of your primary competitors? Will you be above them, below them, or in line with them? If you have specific prices to highlight, put them on the next slide.

14 Marketing Plan – Price & Place
The price of my product/service is… Customers will purchase my product… (Describe how you plan to sell your product/service to customers. Where will you sell your product?) If you have created a pricing sheet, you may include it on this or an additional slide as well.

15 Marketing Plan – Promotion
Advertising – How will you advertise? Publicity – How will you get free publicity? In this section, please describe all the ways you would promote your business: be specific in regards to specific media types for advertising, and any social media you would use. (Duplicate this slide as needed for additional space.)

16 Giving Back How will your business give back to the community or support a cause that you believe in? (Think about ways you business could be socially responsible and describe that here)

17 FINANCIAL PLAN Start-up Costs
Capital Requirements: (describe if this will be debt capital or equity capital) Include how long it will take you to pay back your loans, OR how much equity you are giving up.

18 Start-up Costs LIST ITEMS (INDIVIDUAL IF THERE ARE ONLY A FEW- & CATEGORIES IF THERE ARE MANY; appliances, fixtures, furniture, etc.) *Duplicate this slide as needed* Item Price Item Price Item Price Total Start-up Costs = $

19 Financing Strategy for Total Start-up Investment
Source Amount Personal Savings $ Relatives/Friends $ Loan $ Investor $ TOTAL: = $

20 Sales What do you see as the dollar amount for an “average” sale in your business? Use this figure in conjunction with the “average” number of sales you expect to have in a day to determine your “average daily sales in $. Then use this number to help you determine your monthly sales.

21 Income Statement (monthly)
Total Sales $ COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) - $ Gross Profit = $ =Total Sales – COGS Operating Expenses $ Net Profit = $ =Gross Profit – Operating Costs

22 Income Statement (6-month)
Total Sales $ COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) -$ Gross Profit =$ =Total Sales – COGS Operating Expenses $ Net Profit =$ =Gross Profit – Operating Costs

23 Cash Flow Projection (6-month)
Beginning Balance - Financing $ Start-up Costs $ Cash from Operations $ (Net Profit) Ending Cash Balance = $

24 Overall Summary Enter your mission statement or slogan (if applicable)
Enter why you believe this is a viable business concept – uniqueness of your product or service, lack of competition, profit potential… Thank you for your consideration of (Your Company Name)

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