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Company Name Product Name Marketing Plan Student Name.

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1 Company Name Product Name Marketing Plan Student Name

2 Product/Company Introduction 1.What is your product? 2.What does your product do? 3.Compare and contrast how each Marketing Utility impacts your product. 1.Place: 2.Time: 3.Possession: 4.Information: 4.What is your products name (name of the actual item)? Why did you pick this name? 5.What is your companys name (name of the company that markets the item)? Why did you pick this name?

3 Target Market Demographics: 1.Age: 2.Income: 3.Education: 4.Gender: 5.Occupation: 6.Life stage: Behavioral/Rate of Use: 7.Benefits derived: 8.Loyalty: Psychographic: 9.­Life Styles Values: 10.Interests: Geographic: 11.Region: 12.State: 13.City:

4 Customer Profile Write a paragraph long Customer Profile. Write at least one sentence for each of the 4 Market Segmentations concerning your Target Market.

5 Market Research - Questionnaire Create ten questions about your product. Your questionnaire must contain a mix of the following: Multiple choice questions Fill in the blank questions Graduated scale questions

6 Market Research - Reponses Ask at least 50 respondents. Must not be a Convenience Sample!!

7 Market Research – Summary/Evaluation Summarize your results in a table or graph then explain and make recommendations about each question

8 Competition Find at least one direct and one indirect competitor for your product. Compare and contrast each competitors Strengths and Weaknesses against your product.

9 Design Write two paragraphs, one paragraph each for a potential product modification and extension

10 Prototype Create a prototype of your product.

11 Logo Create a professional logo for your product.

12 Packaging Create a box (goods) or flyer (services) explaining your product Include your logo on the box or flyer.

13 Promotional Mix 1.Publicity: 2.Adverting: 3.Public Relations: 4.Sales Promotion: PublicityAdvertisingP.R.Promotion

14 Print Ad 1.Headline – Attention getting. 2.Copy – Sales Message (Call to Action) 3.Illustration – Photograph that reinforces the sales message. 4.Signature – Logo from Module 5C 5.Slogan (optional) – Catch phrase that is unique to the product.

15 TV Commercial Storyboard a TV commercial for your product. Rehearse your TV commercial. Present your TV commercial live in front of your class or record it using a video camera.

16 Cost of Goods Sold Ingredient #Description of PartWholesale cost of the part Ingredient #1 Ingredient #2 Ingredient #3 Ingredient #4 Etc. (press the tab key to add more rows)

17 Pricing 1.What is your Pricing Objective (goal)? 2.What Pricing Strategy are you using in setting this price? 3.What is the Pricing Policy you are using in setting this price? 4.What is your price (Market Clearing Price)? 5.Why you didnt set the price higher? 6.Why you didnt set the price lower?

18 Distribution 1.Compare and contrast each of the Distribution Intensities for your product. 2.State which intensity would be appropriate for your product. 3.Explain why you chose that intensity.

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