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Detectable Warnings X Correct Placement if X < 5 feet Correct Placement if X > 5 feet GRADE BREAK PROWAG (R304.2.1)

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1 Detectable Warnings X Correct Placement if X < 5 feet Correct Placement if X > 5 feet GRADE BREAK PROWAG (R )

2 PROWAG (Advisory R ) … the vertical rows of truncated domes in a detectable warning surface should be aligned to perpendicular or radial to the grade break… Detectable Warnings

3 PROWAG (R304) ADAAG (4.29) Detectable Warnings Avoid gaps in detectable warnings

4 PROWAG (R304) ADAAG (4.29) Detectable Warnings Detectable warning surfaces shall contrast visually with adjacent… walkway surfaces, either light-on-dark or dark-on-light.

5 Detectable Warnings PROWAG (R304) ADAAG (4.29) Detectable warnings are not wayfinding devices. This application has a gap.

6 Detectable Warnings PROWAG (R304) ADAAG (4.29) Does this meet ADA?

7 Detectable Warnings PROWAG (R221) ADAAG (4.29) The overuse of detectable warning surfaces should be avoided in the interests of message clarity. However, where commercial driveways are provided with traffic control devices or otherwise are permitted to operate like public streets, detectable warnings should be provided at the junction between the pedestrian route and the street.

8 MDOT Special Provision 03SP803(A) Do not construct detectable warnings by forming or stamping in newly cast concrete. Detectable Warnings

9 PROWAG (R ) ADAAG (4.5.2) Changes in Level

10 PROWAG (R ) ADAAG (4.5.2) Changes in Level

11 Gaps and Grates PROWAG (R301.7) ADAAG (4.5.4) Gratings… shall have spaces no greater than ½ wide in one direction. Gratings… shall be placed so that the long dimension is perpendicular to the dominant direction of travel.

12 PROWAG (R ) Openings shall not permit passage of a sphere more than ½ in diameter. ADAAG (4.5.4) Bridge Joints

13 PROWAG (R ) ADAAG (4.5.4) Bridge Joints A properly installed bridge expansion device covers the gap

14 Protruding Objects PROWAG (R401) ADAAG (4.4.1)

15 PROWAG (R410) ADAAG (10.2.1) Bus Pads

16 Buses often need additional room for loading Bus Pads PROWAG (R410) ADAAG (10.2.1)

17 Parking ADAAG does not specifically address on-street parking. Local jurisdictions should look to the PROWAG to provide accessible on-street parking. PROWAG (R216, R308) PROWAG: Where on-street parking is marked or metered, accessible parking spaces complying with R308 shall be provided on the block perimeter… On-Street Parking

18 PROWAG (R306.2) Each crosswalk with pedestrian signal indication shall have an accessible pedestrian signal which includes audible and vibrotactile indications of the WALK interval. A device that communicates information about pedestrian timing in non-visual format such as audible tones, verbal messages, and/or vibrating surfaces. WHAT ARE ACCESSIBLE PEDESTRIAN SIGNALS? Section 4E.06 of the MUTCD: PROWAC R306.2: Accessible Ped Signals (APS)

19 PROWAG (R306.2) Also found in MUTCD 4E.09 Accessible Ped Signals (APS)

20 PROWAG (R306.2) Pushbutton Placement This is not accessible!

21 PROWAG (R404) Pushbutton Placement Pushbuttons must have a level landing

22 Not behind clutter! Pushbutton Placement PROWAG (R404)

23 Pushbutton placement: not behind grass Pushbutton Placement PROWAG (R404)

24 PROWAG (R306.2) Pushbutton Placement Where are we sending pedestrians? 40 feet

25 PROWAG (R404) Pushbutton Placement

26 Pedestrian count-down signal tells pedestrians how much crossing time is left … Countdown Ped Signals PROWAG R306

27 PROWAC R205 When an existing pedestrian access route is blocked by construction, alteration, maintenance, or other temporary conditions, an alternate pedestrian access route complying to the maximum extent feasible shall be provided. FHWA ADA Toolkit Desk Reference: A smooth, continuous, hard surface should be provided throughout the entire length of the temporary pedestrian facility. There should be no curbs or abrupt changes in grade or terrain that could cause tripping or be a barrier to wheelchair use. The geometry and alignment of the facility should meet the applicable requirements of the "Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibly Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)" (see Section 1A.11). PROWAG (R205) Pedestrian Detour Route

28 PROWAG (R302) Where the alternate circulation path is exposed to adjacent construction, excavation drop-offs, traffic, or other hazards, it shall be protected with a pedestrian barricade or channelizing device… A continuous bottom edge 6 max above the ground upper rail 36 minimum above ground Pedestrian Detour Route

29 Pedestrian route should be easy to travel

30 Safe and Accessible It is possible to meet ADA and still have an unsafe condition.

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