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Accessible Pedestrian Signal

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1 Accessible Pedestrian Signal
Judy Wong Senior Transportation Engineer City of Los Angeles, Department of Transportation (LADOT)

2 Background Conventional intersections with two signal phases

3 Background (continued)
Signalized intersections with multi-phase

4 Background(continued)
Intersections with unusual geometry

5 Unusual geometry

6 City Council and Public Involvements
Complaints from public Requests from Commission on Disability Feasibility study directed by the City Council’s Transportation Committee Study presented to City Council

7 What is an Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) ?
A device that communicates information about pedestrian timing at signalized intersections to the visually impaired.

8 Features Locator tone: provides info regarding existence and location of ped pushbuttons Push button: places a call for the “WALK” signal and activates the APS Vibro-tactile arrow: indicates the direction of travel and emits a distinguishable tone as it vibrates during “WALK” phases

9 Ped-actuated Pedestrian Crossing
Pushbutton activates accessible ped signal and the WALK interval

10 Pre-timed & Rest-in-Walk Pedestrian Crossing
Pushbutton activates accessible ped signals only. WALK interval is on recall.

11 Figure 2B-26 CA MUTCD 2012

12 Applications Intersections adjacent to a major pedestrian traffic generator such as transit centers, municipal facilities, shopping centers, etc. New signalized locations Intersections with left turn phasing or multiple phasing Intersections at light rail crossings Locations frequently used by individuals with visual disability

13 APS Installation at Los Angeles City Hall

14 Los Angeles Metro Gold Line Station

15 Los Angeles Metro Expo Line Station


17 CA MUTCD 2012

18 Cost $1,100 per APS unit including labor and material
$650 per regular pushbutton A typical four-leg intersection requires 8 APS units, which amounts to $8,800 per intersection.

19 Conclusion Well received by the Commission on Disability
Positive feedback from the public Developed comprehensive application guidelines Approached by other agencies to share experience Explore additional features to provide more benefits

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