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S.P. 8503-46 (TH 43) Winona Bridge Project Mississippi River in Winona Industry Outreach Meeting July 29, 2013.

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1 S.P (TH 43) Winona Bridge Project Mississippi River in Winona Industry Outreach Meeting July 29, 2013

2 Outline o Introductions o Disclaimers o Ground Rules o CMGC Program o Project Background o CMGC RFQ / RFP o CMGC Processes o Consultant Contracts o Conflict of Interest o DBE Opportunities o Questions

3 Introductions MnDOT Project Manager: Terry Ward MnDOT Deputy PM: Tory Thompson Our job is to ensure all proposers have the same information and to partner with the successful CMGC team and consultants. Feel free to ask questions at any time.

4 Introductions MnDOT CMGC Program Manager: Kevin Hagness Bridge Consultant Contracts: Keith Molnau Office of Civil Rights: Addi Batica FHWA City of Winona

5 Introductions Handouts o Listing of Letters of Interest Responses. o Winona Project CMGC OPCC Process. o Winona Project CMGC GMC Process. o Conflict of Interest.

6 Disclaimers We plan to post the final CMGC RFQ this week. This meeting represents the last opportunity for non- written questions DURING THE PRESENTATION.

7 Disclaimers We are taking notes during this meeting and will be posting any questions asked we feel need to be shared with those not in attendance. This presentation will be posted on-line.

8 Disclaimer What is discussed today is informational only, meant to assist proposers in the preparation of their proposals. The ultimate RFQ and RFP requirements are included in the final posted documents. If there are any discrepancies, submit a clarification request.

9 Ground Rules As per the CMGC RFQ: Terry Ward is the Single Point of Contact. Each Proposing team needs to identify a S.P.O.C.

10 CMGC Program Kevin Hagness, CMGC Program Manager S.P.O.C. for CMGC Program Questions. Winona is our first CMGC project. Working to help support delivering the Winona Project. Continue working on building our program, including further industry outreach. Educating MnDOT Staff/Districts about CMGC.

11 Project Background - Goals Start Construction in (Between July 2014 to March 2015) Place Traffic on New Bridge No as expeditiously as possible. Keep river crossing open during construction. Minimize Scheduling Impacts / Constraints. Meet the Chapter 152 Maximum Price Cap of $142 million (not including ROW)

12 Project Background - Scope o New Bridge No Concrete Segmental Box Girder – river spans. PCB approach spans. o Rehabilitation and Reconstruct Bridge No Rehabilitate Through Truss. Replicate Deck Truss Approach Spans. Eligible for National Register of Historic Places. SHPO Programmatic Agreement.

13 Project Background - Scope




17 Project Background - Schedule o Municipal Consent – August 19 th Public Hearing. o ROW offers start 1-2 months after Municipal Consent (approx. 28 parcels). o Environmental Assessment (EA) Public Hearing this fall. o FONSI by end of year. o Environmental Permits by July 1, 2014.

18 Project Background - Schedule o Construction Schedule Phase I: July 2014 – March 2015 Bridge No River Piers Phase II: March 2015 Remainder of Bridge No and Roadway Phase II: Fall 2016 Bridge No and Remaining Roadway. Complete Construction Fall 2019 / Spring 2020

19 Project Background - Cost o Based on our Current Project Scope and Risk Profile: Bridge No costs: $56-$63 million Bridge No costs: $52-$59 million Roadway costs: $7-$9 million Total Estimated Construction Cost: $115-$131 million

20 CMGC RFQ / RFP o Final CMGC RFQ Scheduled to be posted this week. o CMGC RFP Release: September 3, Need Municipal Consent from City of Winona.

21 CMGC RFQ / RFP o Two Step Process – RFQ / RFP. o Best Value Selection. o Evaluation Manual has been prepared and Technical Review Committee membership has been determined. o RFP has been drafted.

22 CMGC RFQ / RFP o RFQ may be a bit more work compared to other DOT CMGC RFQs (6 pages). o Designed to try and spread out the proposal work amongst the RFQ / RFP.

23 CMGC RFQ / RFP o Posted Draft RFQ o Plan to Post Draft RFP

24 CMGC RFQ / RFP o CMGC Experience is not required. There are other ways to show collaboration, partnering, risk and design coordination experience. o Our Technical Review Committee will be trained in CMGC procurement / delivery and other procurement methodologies.

25 CMGC RFQ / RFP o We plan to have multiple severable work packages (construction phases).

26 CMGC RFQ / RFP Issue LOIJune 18, 2013 Issue CMGC RFQBy: August 2, 2013 Deadline for Submitters to Submit SOQsAugust 19, 2013 Shortlisting of CMGC Contractors for RFPAugust 30, 2013 CMGC RFP IssuedSeptember 3, 2013 Deadline for Submitters to Submit Requests for Clarification on the RFP September 23, 2013 Responses to Requests for Clarification on RFP Issued September 26, 2013 Deadline for Submitters to Submit ProposalOctober 8, 2013 Hold InterviewsOctober 16, 2013 CMGC Contractor SelectedOctober 25, 2013 Pre-Construction Services Contract NegotiatedNovember 2013

27 CMGC RFQ / RFP o Watch not only the MnDOT CMGC Website but the Consultant Services Website also. o Any changes that need to be made to this RFQ will be posted MnDOTs Consultant Services Web Page at under the P/T Notices

28 CMGC RFQ / RFP o Other Sources of Project Information: o MnDOT CMGC Website: general-contractor.html o MnDOT Project Website: html

29 CMGC RFQ / RFP o RFQ Scoring Criteria: Project Team/Capability. Concrete Segmental Box Girder Bridge Experience. Bridge Rehabilitation Experience. Major River Crossing Experience. Historic Bridge Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Experience.

30 CMGC RFQ / RFP o RFQ Details: No Interviews. Proposal Submittals Required. Make Sure you get a confirmation. No Stipends. No minimum of maximum # of teams in statute to be shortlisted. Personal preference of Project Manager is 3-5 teams, but if we have more highly qualified teams, we may go with more than 5 on this project.

31 CMGC RFQ / RFP o FTP Site for Background Information: na%20Bridge/Proposal_Information/

32 CMGC RFQ / RFP o RFP Potential Requirements: Not anticipated to have a requirement to price a portion of the project. Anticipated to require submittal of Profit and Overhead costs that will carry forward to the construction phase.

33 CMGC RFQ / RFP o RFP Potential Requirements: DBE Goal for Construction. No DBE Goal for CMGC P/T Contract. CMGC Team to develop a Subcontracting Plan Includes approach to DBE engagement and goal setting for the project as a whole and for each severable package.

34 CMGC RFQ / RFP o RFP Potential Requirements: Interviews highly likely. Potentially targeted towards approach to CMGC project details (Overall Project Approach, Estimating, Scheduling, Risk, Design Collaboration etc….).

35 CMGC Processes o Winona Project Specific Processes: Opinion of Probable Construction Costs (OPCC). Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). These will be posted on the MnDOT CMGC Program website shortly under the Winona Project.

36 CMGC OPCC Process

37 o OPCCs anticipated at 30%, 60%, 90% of Design. o Owners Estimate is planned for this project. o Overall Project Target Price at the first 90% OPCC is likely.

38 CMGC GMP Process

39 o Process Allows one GMP re-bid. o If GMP is less than 10% of the ICE, it does not mean MnDOT will Award the contract.

40 Consultant Contacts o Final Design Bridge No and Roadway. o Bridge No Peer Review. o Final Design Bridge No Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. o Bridge No Peer Review.

41 Consultant Contacts o Independent Cost Estimate. o Owners Estimate by CMGC GEC. o Possible MnDOT Estimating Office Contract o Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE). o Construction Oversight. o Other Misc. Consultant Contracts.

42 Consultant Contacts - Schedule Bridge Design: RFP: Aug 8th (3 week ad) Consultant selected: Sept 10th Peer Review: RFP: Aug 26th (2 week ad) Peer Review Selection: Sept 23rd Bridge 5900 Design: RFP: Sept 23rd (3 week ad) Br 5900 Design Selection: Oct 24th Bridge 5900 Peer Review: RFP: Oct 14 th (2 week ad) Br 5900 Peer Review Selection: Nov 7th

43 Consultant Contacts - Schedule ICE RFP: Anticipated release in early September.

44 Conflict of Interest o Applies to the Winona Project o Will be posted shortly on the CMGC Website under the Winona project.

45 Conflict of Interest

46 DBE o Addi Batica, MnDOT Office of Civil Rights o Future DBE Meet and Greet Opportunities.

47 Questions?

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