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1 Consultant Contract Program Collaboration Project ACEC-Mn/DOT Annual Conference March 2, 2010.

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1 1 Consultant Contract Program Collaboration Project ACEC-Mn/DOT Annual Conference March 2, 2010

2 2 Introduction Brad Hamilton, Mn/DOT

3 3 Strategic Vision Collaboration Trust Transparency Accountability

4 4 Project Approach and Discovery Phase Themes Jan Lucke, CTS

5 5 Project Approach Online Survey One-on-one Interviews Workshop Steering Committee Final Report

6 6 Steering Committee Mike Barnes, Mn/DOT Engineering Services Division William Bennett, LHB Debra Brisk, Kimley-Horn and Associates Jeff Brunner, Mn/DOT Consultant Services Section Bob Busch, Mn/DOT District 3 James Cownie, Mn/DOT Office of Contract Management Rebecca Fabunmi, Mn/DOT Commissioners Staff Dale Grove, Bonestroo Deb Ledvina, Mn/DOT Office of the Transportation Ombudsman Scott McBride, Mn/DOT Metro District Sue Mulvihill, Mn/DOT Operations Division Khani Sahebjam, Mn/DOT Deputy Commissioner Mukhtar Thakur, Mn/DOT Office of Technical Support (Jon Chiglo) Gary Thompson, URS Shirley Walker Stinson, Walker Engineering

7 7 Projections of Future Work Staffing needs (employees and space) Estimating forthcoming work Decentralized nature of projects Budget cycles with Legislature Projects undertaken jointly with cities and counties

8 8 Selection Processes Criteria Consistency Transparency Feedback Cost element

9 9 Prequalification Program Complexity Definition of being pre-qualified Application and processing time

10 10 E ducation Understanding of selection processes (types, how they are used, when they are used) Program-wide changes over time and short- term changes

11 11 Relationships Networking opportunities Understanding of roles Joint opportunities for professional development; including young professionals Balancing work and professional organizations

12 12 Business Practices Errors and omissions Contract documents Financial/audit processes Project performance evaluation

13 13 Framework for Change Michael Barnes, Mn/DOT Debra Brisk, Kimley-Horn and Associates

14 Outcomes and Strategies Draft form Listed in no particular order Open to feedback and comments 14

15 15 DESIRED OUTCOME #1 Provide reliable projections of future work STRATEGY 1A: Develop and implement consistent process to identify the volume and types of work that Mn/DOT plans to deliver with internal staff STRATEGY 1B: Identify the portions of projects within the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) that are targeted for outsourcing STRATEGY 1C: Provide timely information about project opportunities to the consultant community

16 16 DESIRED OUTCOME #2 Improve the Pre-Qualification Program STRATEGY 2A: Evaluate, simplify, and streamline Pre- Qualification Program work type structure STRATEGY 2B: Streamline current Pre-Qualification Program application and renewal process STRATEGY 2C: Establish criteria and framework for the impact of performance and personnel changes on pre- qualification status

17 17 DESIRED OUTCOME #3 Increase the consistency and transparency of consultant selection processes STRATEGY 3A: Evaluate all processes that Mn/DOT uses to select consultants STRATEGY 3B: Standardize proposal format and streamline the process for preparation and review of proposals STRATEGY 3C: Establish systems that support consistent implementation of the ways that consultants are selected within Mn/DOT

18 18 STRATEGY 3D: Define a process for communicating the reasons for selection or non-selection with all consultants who submit proposals on projects STRATEGY 3E: Determine ways to incorporate past performance into the selection process DESIRED OUTCOME #3 (Continued)

19 19 DESIRED OUTCOME #4 Expand education about the consultant program and its selection processes STRATEGY 4A: Develop ongoing methods for communication throughout Mn/DOT and to the consultant community regarding the consultant contract program STRATEGY 4B: Develop web-based and other tools to improve efficiencies STRATEGY 4C: Promote a greater understanding of selection processes STRATEGY 4D: Develop training opportunities for consultants and Mn/DOT staff on each selection process

20 20 DESIRED OUTCOME #5 Strengthen relationships between Mn/DOT and the consultant community STRATEGY 5A: Promote ongoing educational and networking opportunities for Mn/DOT and consultant community project managers STRATEGY 5B: Explore opportunities to bring together public and private transportation leaders

21 21 DESIRED OUTCOME #6 Review Mn/DOT consultant business practices STRATEGY 6A: Involve stakeholders in the development of business rules for professional errors and omissions STRATEGY 6B: Conduct a review of contract documents in collaboration with ACEC-Mn/DOT STRATEGY 6C: Conduct review of financial/audit processes to identify opportunities for streamlining and improved communication in collaboration with the ACEC-/MnDOT STRATEGY 6D: Improve the processes for project performance evaluation

22 Next Steps Gather feedback on outcomes and strategies Prioritize strategies Develop suggested time frames Disseminate final report (May 2010) Create structure for developing, executing, and communicating an implementation plan 22

23 23 Questions? For more information, visit

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