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Building Paragraphs.

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1 Building Paragraphs

2 What is a paragraph? A group of sentences that focus on one specific topic Can be developed in the form of a story, a description, an explanation or an opinion

3 The Three Basic Parts of a Paragraph
Topic Sentence Tells the reader what the paragraph is about Supporting Details The main part of the paragraph Specific details that relate to the topic sentence Clincher Closes the paragraph Reminds the reader that the paragraph is about

4 Four Types of Paragraphs
Descriptive Gives a single, clear picture of a person, place, thing or idea Narrative Gives the details of an event or experience in STORY form

5 Types of Paragraphs Continued
Expository Gives facts or directions, explains ideas, or defines terms Persuasive Expresses an opinion and tries to convince the reader that this opinion is correct

6 Arranging Details Chronological (time) order Spatial (location)
From simple to complex (teaching) Problem-solution Sequential order (step-by-step) Key Points or questions Alphabetical order

7 Transitions Word and phrases that link ideas together in writing
Show location Above, behind, into, under Show time After, before, soon, next Compare two things Similarly, also, likewise Contrast two things But, on the other hand, although

8 Transitions continued
Emphasize a point Again, to repeat, in fact Conclude or summarize As a result, therefore, in conclusion Add information Additionally, for example, also Clarify In other words, for instance

9 Writing Process Prewriting First Draft Edit / Revise Final Copy

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