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MEL-Con Writing Strategy Objective: from paragraph to complete papers for Sophomores.

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1 MEL-Con Writing Strategy Objective: from paragraph to complete papers for Sophomores

2 The first step in teaching sophomores Teach students to write better developed, clearer, more organized paragraphs in response to essay questions or any written assignment which requires explanation or persuasion

3 Basic Overview of the Acronyms “MEL-Con” M =Main Idea (Topic Sentence) E =Evidence (Support/Topic/Proof) L =LINK(Explains how support proves main idea) Con =Concluding sentence (Summarizes main idea and evidence)

4 M=Main Idea “Answers” the question Sets up the paragraph The first sentence of the paragraph

5 E=Evidence or Examples Information from sources such as books, lectures, readings, etc. that support your main idea The “stuff” you learned or found out about the topic Evidence can be quotes, statistics, facts Evidence is something that is common— anyone can find it or use it

6 L=Link Links the evidence you used to the key idea in your topic sentence Explains how the evidence supports your topic The link is what you think or how you relate the evidence to the topic Your link is unique—it shows your thought process and why you chose the evidence you chose

7 CON=Concluding statement The last sentence of your paragraph which summarizes your answer, your evidence Mention your three pieces of evidence again in a new, short way

8 Don’t forget to use transitions!!! Separate each of your pieces of evidence Organizes your paragraph and makes it easy for the reader to follow ___________________________________ Even more importantly Moreover Third but most important A great example is One good example is A final good example is The first good reason is A second quote is

9 The 7 steps to MEL-Con paragraph writing Step One: answer the question with a statement Do not start with “I think” or “I feel” or “I believe” Do not start with Yes or No THIS BECOMES YOUR MAIN IDEA: THE M IN MEL-Con

10 STEP TWO Identify the key idea you will link your evidence to with your link/explanation this is the key idea of what you are trying to prove or explain NOW-for each example you give,,you must link it back to your key idea(explain)

11 STEP THREE Identify your first example that you think supports your explanation



14 STEP SIX MAKE SURE YOU USE TRANSITIONS BETWEEN EACH EXAMPLE: “The first example that supports this is that…………”

15 STEP SEVEN END YOUR PARAGRAPH WITH A CONCLUDING STATEMENT TO WRAP UP YOUR IDEAS: “So, it is clear that……..” The first example that supports this is that… The next part of the play that supports was the fact that…. And the final reason comes from the part…..

16 Conclusion Rolling out the MEL-Con writing program will change students’ writing one paragraph at a time Students will be taught to organize and focus their ideas Students will learn to use specific examples to support their argument and will be less likely to diverge from their main idea

17 Conclusion cont’d By focusing their argument, students will effectively communicate their position, which is an important component of all writing. All MMSA students will be taught the process of writing the same way

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