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The Conclusion Paragraph

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1 The Conclusion Paragraph
A template

2 How long is it? The conclusion needs to be 5 sentences.
There are no new ideas in this paragraph The focus is to summarize your arguments

3 The First Sentence This is a restatement of your IVF Thesis statement
Do not repeat it word for word. Change up the word arrangement.

4 Sentence #2 Summarize your first body paragraph
What was the focus of that paragraph? What character trait did you look at?

5 Sentence #3 Summarize your Second body paragraph What was the focus?
What were you trying to prove?

6 Sentence #4 Compare or contrast the 2 stories and how they related to success. How were they similar in their methods? How were they different?

7 The Final sentence End on a high note.
Leave the reader with a lasting impression. Tell a small anecdote about success. Find a quote related to success. Describe the importance of success.

8 Everything put together
Sentence #1 -Restate your thesis Sentence #2 -Summarize body paragraph #1 Sentence #3 -Summarize body paragraph #2 Sentence #4 -Compare or contrast the characters and how they relate to success Sentence #5 -End on a high note. Write something interesting about success.

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