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Accelerated Reader® 101 for Parents Everything you wanted to know and more!

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1 Accelerated Reader® 101 for Parents Everything you wanted to know and more!

2 What is Accelerated Reader ®? Computerized learning information system Assessment tool (monitor) Diagnostic tool (manage) Motivational tool

3 How does it work? Student reads an on level book marked AR –Needs to read book at least 3 times (once out- load to someone) –Needs to ask comprehension questions to self or fill out a graphic organizer Student logs in to AR program Student selects the quiz for that book Student answers between 5 to 10 questions on the title he or she read

4 Then what? Teacher gets test results Diagnostic reports give teachers valuable information on students reading practice and literacy skills development Teacher then guides student towards reading materials within their ZPD for improvement

5 What is ZPD? Zone of Proximal Difference –The range of book readability levels that will result in optimal growth in reading ability. –The range of books that will challenge a student without causing frustration or loss of motivation

6 How does AR determine readability? ARs own formula (ATOS) Three variables –Words per sentence –Average grade level of those words –Characters per word Does NOT factor in theme or age appropriateness!

7 How is my students ZPD determined? STAR Reader (Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading) –A series of 25 multiple-choice questions that ask students to select appropriate vocabulary words to complete a sentence –Computer-adaptive: questions adjust to students level as questions are answered

8 How are goals set? Based on STAR results –ZPD –10-15 minutes of reading practice nightly –Student individual ability –Adjustable by teacher as necessary in his/her professional judgment

9 AR Color Coding Chart used at Forest Ridge Elementary The first number indicates grade level. The number after the decimal indicates the number of month. For example: 2.1 is second grade, the first month of the school year. While your child may be reading at a certain level, it is very important for him/her to read at his/her comprehension level. He/she needs to test between 80%-100% to be considered successful at a level. Therefore, he or she might actually be on an AR level below what he or she can verbally read.

10 How do students reach their goals? Picture books are typically worth 0.5 points Chapter book points determined by length (for lower grade levels between 0.5 to 2.0 points) Points earned based on percent correct on test (score of 80 on test earns 80% of books point value) Quality reading is indicated by an average quiz score of 80% to 100%

11 Does my student HAVE to read an AR book? Check with classroom teacher –Depends on the classroom teacher –Lower grades provide incentives for points earned and/or tests passed –Mrs. Miller requires at least two, successfully completed AR tests on each students current AR reading (and comprehension) level. Thousands of AR books are available! –FREs Media Center has hundreds of AR books on each level. –Mrs. Miller also has hundreds of AR books available on all levels.

12 How can I help my child? Make sure he/she is reading just right books –Books he/she can read without much help (perhaps only missing one or two words a book or page) Encourage him/her select books within his/her ZPD (AR level) Let your child read books to you Ask detailed questions about what he/she is reading! –Who is in your book? (Characters) –Where does it take place? (Setting) –What happened first/next/at the end? (Plot) –What did you think about the book?

13 How do I know if my students book is AR? AR books are marked on the books spine Access FREs list of quizzes on the Media Center portion of FREs website! – –Site displays alphabetical listing of books title, along with author, readability level, points, and quiz number.

14 Need More Info? Talk to your students homeroom teacher See Mr. Johnston in the Media Center Happy Reading!


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