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Sycamore Library Accelerated Reader &. Some Background Info: In 2003 Renaissance Learning changed how they recommend setting goals with students for AR.

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1 Sycamore Library Accelerated Reader &

2 Some Background Info: In 2003 Renaissance Learning changed how they recommend setting goals with students for AR. The recommendations as well as the capabilities of the software allowed us to bring consistency to how AR is used within the building. Establishing AR and this goal-setting strategy gave us another literacy assessment tool. My goal is for AR to work as a reading incentive program that encourages reading practice and comprehension.

3 1.Teachers use the STAR reading test at the beginning of the year to set the student’s GE (Grade Equivalent) score. How is AR run at Sycamore? 2. Teachers use the GE score and a goal- setting chart to guide them in establishing the student’s ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development, the reading level at which a child will be challenged to grow but not discouraged because of difficulty).

4 3. At the start of each marking period teachers meet with students individually to set the following goals: Minimum Average Percent Correct is the percentage of comprehension (or understanding) they should have about the materials they are reading, usually the goal is 85% correct. The Point Goal is based on the students’ reading level and how much time they have for daily reading practice. Minimum Average Book Level Goal ensures that students stay reading within their appropriate level, with enough of a challenge to encourage growth but also a level were they will be successful.

5 4. Then teachers or the librarian enter the goals into Accelerated Reader. 5. Accelerated Reader keeps track of the students’ progress towards these goals. 6. Accelerated Reader provides a number of different reports that teachers can use to evaluate students’ success and recognize areas that need attention. 7. The librarian uses reports to track students’ point and reward levels as well as track classroom point totals.

6 Prize System Marking Period Goals Party: At the end of each marking period the librarian has a reward party for all the students who achieved their Average Percent Correct, Points and Book Level goals for the marking period. This way students are being recognized and rewarded for doing their personal best. Point Level Prizes: As students reach certain point totals they are given prizes. These prizes are awarded during each class’s library time throughout the week. This encourages students to be happy for each other’s success and motivated to work together as a team for classroom success. (The chart follows on the next screen.)

7 Point Prize Chart: Prize 1st/ 2 nd Grade Points 3rd Grade Points 4th Grade Points Eraser234 Bouncy Ball468 Bookmark6912 Flying Frog81216 Put together jet101520 Name in Drawing121824 Pencil & Notebook162128 Critter Ball202432 Surprise Prize242736 Pen283040 Key Chain323644 Treasure Box364248 Video Rental404856 Goody Bag445464 Lunch with Mrs. Lattin486072 Kick Ball546680 AR STAR!!607590

8 “The look on their faces when their names are called to receive a prize is priceless to me. Another wonderful benefit is the cooperation and camaraderie that has developed among the reading community in my room. The students are working together and cheering on one another’s successes. Higher readers are mentoring those that struggle as they all strive for our classroom goals. The friendly competition with the older classes in our building has made my young readers confident and motivated. My students LOVE to read!! I contribute a lot of that attitude of success to the A.R. program.” Mrs. Steere, 2 nd Grade teacher

9 A.R. Family Nights: These are two hour events where students can come with their parents and read books together, listen to a storyteller, and then take AR tests. It has become a popular event and works as a great activity to pair up with the book fair.

10 At the end of the year the students who have reached the AR Star level get T-Shirts and their picture in the community newspaper. “Last year we had 19 AR STARS, 13 Boys and 6 Girls. As of March 15, we already have 20 students who have reached or are close to reaching STAR level.”

11 During the end of the year assembly Top Reader Awards are given to students who:  Earn the most points in the year  Show the most improvement during the year  The class with the most points for the year. “Currently I have three classes with over 1000 points for their classroom total and two other classes not far behind. Typically the class with the most points isn’t the one that has a few individual students carrying the whole class. It is the class that displays the best teamwork as each student encourages the other students in the class to participate and where stronger readers pair with struggling readers to help them be successful.” said Mrs. Cox

12 Thanks to your support 1100 additional tests were purchased and the students are enjoying the larger range of AR books available to them. Also, because of your support, students and parents are able to search AR test information from home with the web-based service, QuizList Interactive. This service interfaces the AR test information with my MARC record information which allows the students to search the library books and test information simultaneously with all the records being as up to date as possible. Accelerated Reader is the main reading incentive program used and monitored by the library and therefore the students interact with it on a regular and continual basis. Your support filled in the gap we had and now the program will run smoothly for many years to come. Thank you for your generous contribution to the readers at Sycamore Elementary School.

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