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Accelerated Reader™ Best Practices for English Language Learners.

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1 Accelerated Reader™ Best Practices for English Language Learners

2 Use AR for English Language Learners Encourages extensive reading practice Enables individualization Provides ongoing feedback to monitor Builds excitement for reading

3 How Accelerated Reader Works A student selects and reads a book. The student uses a computer to take a quiz on the book. Accelerated Reader adds the quiz result to its database and generates reports for the student and the teacher. The teacher monitors the data and uses it to actively guide the student’s reading practice.

4 Find Zone of Proximal Development Best Practice #1—Find the optimum level for reading practice or ZPD Identify ZPD for reading in English –Use STAR or SEL –Adjust according to student performance Identify students’ ZPD for reading in primary language –Use formal assessment and/or professional judgment

5 Schedule Time for Reading Practice Best Practice #2—Provide sufficient time and plenty of books At elementary level, 30 minutes in English If possible, include reading practice time in first language as well

6 Reading To and With Students Reading aloud –Preview vocabulary –Preview concepts –Paraphrase as necessary Paired reading –Peer reader or audiotape support Choral reading –Use movement and gestures

7 Check TOPS Report Best Practice #3—Use AR quiz results to help you guide students to appropriate books Averages of 85% or higher Narrow ZPD ranges to start

8 Routines To Monitor Best Practice #4—Establish routines for monitoring Student Reading Logs –Also available in Spanish Status of the Class –Conversational interaction in English

9 Data-Driven Decision-Making Best Practice #5—Use reports to keep track of progress TOPS Report –Available in Spanish Diagnostic Report Student Record Report

10 Best Books To Use Books with strong visual elements: –Provide scaffolding –Photographs –Illustrations –Other graphics

11 Books with Same Topic Choose multiple books on the same topic Reinforce vocabulary and build concepts

12 Survival Vocabulary Books that contain “survival” vocabulary Books about: –School –Days of the week –Foods –Clothing –Weather

13 Reinforce Student’s Culture Books based on a student’s own culture and experience

14 Books with Available Translations Books in English paired with same titles in first language

15 Resources Additional resources Colorin Colorado – Criticas Magazine – Renaissance Learning Quiz Search –http://www.renlearn.com

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