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Accelerated Reader Questions & Answers

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1 Accelerated Reader Questions & Answers
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2 What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?
A computer program designed to encourage student reading AR tests comprehension using multiple choice quizzes Computer software provides information about student performance to teachers and parents (if desired) Each book has a point value, starting at 0.5 for easy books to over 10 points for some chapter books

3 Who participates in AR? K-5 students
Program is voluntary, but strongly encouraged Goal is to encourage students to read and recall information about what they’ve read

4 How do I know if a book has a test?
In this library, look at the spine Colored dot White label with AR printed on it Books from home and from the public library probably have tests, too! Check at

5 When can my child take AR tests?
Before School In classroom with teacher permission In library with a parent or library pass (please send the book or a note with book name/s if your child needs help) During School In classroom or computer lab with teacher permission During library checkout During library class with permission After School Family Reading Nights – one per 9 weeks

6 What does a quiz look like?

7 Does my child have to answer every question correctly to get points?
To receive the full point value, all questions must be answered correctly However, students will receive partial credit for answering most of the questions correctly Students must receive a score of 70% or better to receive points

8 Is it OK to help my child? Reading together is always encouraged!
I encourage students to read easy books at least twice to ensure comprehension K-2 students may have help reading questions, but they should be able to choose the correct answer themselves Students in grades 3-5 should test on their own

9 Accelerated Reader Rules
1. Students may not take tests on books more than 2 levels below grade level. For example, a 4th grader may not test on a 1st grade book. 2. You must read the entire book before taking a test on it. Primary students should read easy books at least twice. 3. Do not take a test if you’ve only “seen the movie.” Books are very different from movies in most cases. You won’t pass.

10 Accelerated Reader Rules
4. Do not help other students with tests or share answers. This is cheating. Both students’ tests will be deleted. 5. No talking to other students while testing. It will be assumed that you’re sharing answers. 6. Tests may only be taken in the library, in the computer lab, or in the classroom with your teacher’s permission. You should always be under adult supervision while testing.

11 What happens if my child reaches his/her goal?
Students will be rewarded each time their goal is met These rewards may consist of extra recess time, special prizes or snacks, etc. At the end of the school year, we will take students who met EVERY goal for the school year on a special FIELD TRIP!

12 How can I keep up with my child’s progress?
Notes will be sent home at least once per 9 weeks to update parents on their child’s progress You can also log in to AR Home Connect using your child’s user name and password for real time progress reports Home Connect allows you to see which books your child has tested on, their scores, and their progress toward their goal You can also receive s each time your child takes a test

13 Other AR Rewards Students are also recognized for reaching Point Clubs throughout the school year K-2 students will be recognized starting at the 25 Point Club 3-5 students will be recognized starting at the 50 Point Club Point Club members will receive special awards on Awards Days and may receive other special privileges throughout the year!

14 Other AR Rewards Point Club members will be featured on the library bulletin board If time allows, Point Club members will also be featured on the in- school television announcements Parent volunteers are ALWAYS needed and welcomed in the library!

15 Questions? Reading Goals – Talk to your child’s teacher
Other information – Contact the AR Administrator Questions?

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