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Accelerated Reader at Starcross Primary School What is Accelerated Reader? How does it work? How can I help my child?

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1 Accelerated Reader at Starcross Primary School What is Accelerated Reader? How does it work? How can I help my child?

2 What is Accelerated Reader? Accelerated Reader (AR) is a piece of software that we can use to help our pupils select books that are difficult enough to keep them challenged, but not too difficult to cause frustration. It also enables us to monitor vocabulary growth, literacy skills development and reading skills. Research has shown that AR can help children to make two years’ reading age growth in just one academic year, while they are reading for enjoyment. Sounds good? We think so!

3 How does it work? Your child logs into the AR site and takes a STAR Reading Test. STAR Reading is an assessment of reading comprehension and skills for independent readers. It gives each child a reading level and a range of AR book levels within which they will achieve maximum success with their reading. This is called the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD).

4 What next? Any of our library books which are on the AR system have been labelled with AR numbers and are stored on a separate set of shelves.AR system Once they have their ZPD (AR numbers), the children can choose books from that range. They should choose a range of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as reading books of different levels from within their AR numbers.

5 What happens when my child finishes a book? When they finish a book, the children log on to AR to complete a quiz about that book. They should aim to take the quiz within 24 hours of finishing the book if possible. The quiz will most often be a ‘Reading Practice’ quiz, which tests your child’s comprehension of the book they have read. There are also some ‘Vocabulary Practice’ quizzes, to test their knowledge of new words; and some ‘Literacy Skills’ quizzes, which test their reading and critical thinking skills. Each quiz will give your child a number of points, depending on the book level and how well they do on the quiz.

6 What does AR look like? This video shows the screens your child can access when they log in to AR. Accelerated Reader new interface video. Your child can look at a ‘Tops report’ for each quiz they take. Tops report example

7 What happens next? In school, we can log in to see how all the children are getting on with their quizzes. We can also set targets and monitor the children’s progress towards these. Your child may come home with a special AR recording sheet, where they have AR targets for the average percentage correct on quizzes and the number of points they should collect before the end of term.

8 What are AR targets? The children should be aiming to get an average of 85% or more correct on their quizzes. If their percentage is lower than this, their teacher will talk to them about their book choices and how carefully they are reading the books they are choosing. Your child may also have a target for the number of points they are aiming to earn by the end of a set period of time.

9 How can I help my child? The most important thing is to encourage your child to read regularly. Children who read for at least 30 minutes a day make the most progress. Talk to your child about the AR book they are reading. Read with them and make sure that they understand the content of their book. Ask your child about their quizzes. They should be able to tell you their average percentage correct and how many points they have so far. At some point soon we will be giving parents and carers access to the ‘Home Connect’ area of the AR site, where you will be able to log in to see how your child is progressing.

10 What’s next for us? We are still learning about all the things that the AR software can do! It has lots of potential, and the teachers will be exploring more areas of the software next school year. We will keep you informed about any changes. For now, if you have any questions please ask Mrs Vanderford or Mrs Ward.

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