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Communicable Disease -get out paper!!!

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1 Communicable Disease -get out paper!!!

2 What are Communicable Diseases?
A disease that is spread from one living thing to another or through the environment. An organism that cause diseases is a pathogen. An infection is a condition that occurs when pathogens enter the body, multiply, and damage body cells.

3 Types VIRUS Pieces of genetic material surrounded by a protein coat
By themselves, they are inactive- they need living cells to produce The virus invades a host cell and then takes control to manufacture more viruses. Eventually the viruses are killed by the immunity system- though sometimes it can be a life long infection.

4 Bacteria Single-celled microorganisms that live anywhere on earth
Most are harmless, and many are essential for life- such as in your digestive system When bacteria enter the body, they are usually killed by the immune system Most bacterial disease can be treated with antibiotics

5 Fungi Protozoans Rickettsias Plantlike organism- like mold or yeast
Some cause disease of the skin, mucus membranes and even the lungs Protozoans Single-celled organisms that are larger and more complex than bacteria Most are harmless though some can cause people with weaken immune systems. Rickettsias Enter body through an insect- fleas or lice. Can cause Rocky Mountain Fever

6 How they are transmitted
Direct Contact Passage through contact with an infected person or animal or with something in the environment. This includes kissing, touching, biting, sexual contact, sneezing or coughing. Indirect Contact When someone comes into contact with a contaminated object Can be through air, water, food, insect

7 Prevention Washing hands adequately and properly
Handle and prepare food properly Cook quickly and at the right temperature Eat healthy Healthy sexual choices Manage stress

8 Physical and Chemical Barriers
Skin Very few pathogens can enter through the dead skin layers Tears and Saliva Contain enzymes that destroy or disable pathogens Cilia Hairlike projections that line part of the respiratory system to sweep pathogens to the throat to be swallowed or coughed out Gastric Juices Destroys many pathogens that enter the body

9 Your Task Read Pages You will be creating an outline of these 2 pages, making sure to draw and understand the chart on pg.630 It is crucial you understand how this works Tomorrow is a brochure activity

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