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Communicable (Infectious) Disease. Any agent that causes disease –Viruses –Fungi –Protozoans –Bacteria –Parasites Pathogens.

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1 Communicable (Infectious) Disease

2 Any agent that causes disease –Viruses –Fungi –Protozoans –Bacteria –Parasites Pathogens

3 Bacteria Tiny, single-celled organisms Found everywhere Some cause disease Treated with antibiotics –Examples: tuberculosis, tetanus, and sinus infections Staph Infection

4 Viruses Tiny disease-causing particles made up of genetic material and a protein coat Some can be prevented with vaccines Cannot be cured –Examples: common cold, flu, AIDS Chicken Pox

5 Fungi Organisms that absorb and use the nutrients of living or dead organisms. –Examples: athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch Athlete’s Foot

6 Protozoans Similar to bacteria but larger –Example: malaria

7 Parasites “Bugs” that get their energy and nutrients by feeding on other living things –Examples: head lice, tapeworms Head Lice


9 How are diseases spread? Direct Contact –Person to person Indirect Contact –Touching surfaces –Airborne Food/Water Animals


11 Physical Barriers Skin (first line of defense) Mucous Membranes Chemicals

12 Immune System Antibodies bind to pathogens and white blood cells kill the pathogens

13 Get vaccinated Vaccines – made from a weak or dead virus Injected into the body to help body build immunity

14 What else can you do? Protect yourself Eat a healthy and balanced diet Drink plenty of water Reduce your stress level Exercise regularly Get regular medical check ups Try to avoid contact with sick people Get enough sleep Wash your hands regularly


16 Symptoms The changes that you notice in your body or mind that are caused by a disease or disorder –Examples: fever, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle ache, headache

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