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PEOPLE CODE. First… Take the Test Part 1 –Choose the word that best applies to you from the farthest back in your life you can remember yourself, age.

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2 First… Take the Test Part 1 –Choose the word that best applies to you from the farthest back in your life you can remember yourself, age 2, 5 Etc. Part 2 –Pick only one that you feel applies to you in each situation. Total Points-Total both sections


4 Our Motives Red=Power Blue=Intimacy White=Peace Yellow=Fun


6 To Look good (technically) To be right Respected Approval from a select few To look good (socially) To be noticed To be adored Approval from the masses To be good (morally) To be understood To be appreciated Acceptance To feel good (inside) To be allowed their own space To be respected kindness


8 To hide insecurities (tightly) Productivity Leadership Challenging adventure To hide insecurities (loosely) Happiness Freedom Playful adventure To reveal insecurities Quality Autonomy Security To withhold insecurities Tolerance Independence Contentment

9 Attractive Careers

10 Administrator School Superintendent Military Officer Politician Entrepreneur Lawyer Medical Doctor Tax Accountant Realtor Professional Critic Building Contractor Sales Marketing Clergy (Minister) Police Officer

11 Teacher Homemaker Psychotherapist Computer Programmer Musician Banker Clergy/Minister Accountant Politician Architect Nurse Engineer Editor Journalist Carpenter

12 Forest Ranger Dentist Bureaucrat Computer Programmer Military Service Recreation leader Researcher Homemaker Police Office Preschool Teacher Veterinarian Lawyer Engineer FBI Agent Truck Driver

13 Firefighter International consultant Travel agent Recreation leader Lifeguards Beautician Entertainer Tour guide Circus performer Insurance agent Secretary Receptionist Sales Retail Clergy/Minister

14 Top 5 Attraction Factors

15 1.Confidence: help others believe in their possibilities and win 2.Vision: show others where they can be in the future 3.Sense of Urgency: love of action, movement, and results 4.Resourceful: provide options and ideas for success 5.Convincing: highly articulate and persuasive; create a strong presence 1.Enthusiasm: its contagious and energizing 2.Fun: You make people feel alive and engaged in the moment 3.Trusting: people appreciate your inclusion of others and new ideas 4.Positive: very upbeat and optimistic 5.Charisma: people like themselves more when they are with you. 1.Quality: legitimacy of both the product and the relationship 2.Caring: life is all about relationships 3.Sincerity: heart and truth tell the story 4.Nurturing: empowering and supporting others success 5.Consistency: dependability creates trust 1.Listening: egoless ability to hear others 2.Acceptance: value diversity and promote creativity 3.Kindness: respectful and considerate of others and life 4.Patience: steady internal compass 5.Perspective: amazing clarity amidst complexity

16 Top 3 Unattraction Factors

17 1.Selfish: scarcity versus abundance 2.Arrogant: insecure; always need to be right 3.Intimidating: condescending and demanding; dismissive of others 1.Uncommitted: people want to know you are in for the long haul 2.Poor follow-through: people want you to keep your promises 3.Afraid to face facts: people lose respect for you when you refuse to see the truth about yourself and your surroundings. 1.Controlling: others dont feel free to express themselves 2.Perfectionism: destructive need to compensate for insecurities 3.Need to be understood: creates whining, rambling, and/or moody behavior 1.Indecisive: people respect others who act, resolve issues, and risk 2.Conflict avoidance: people expect you to address conflict honestly 3.Inexpressive: people need to feel that you care and want to hear your opinions

18 5 Things to Do Before Age 30

19 1.Teach their mother how to be a better parent 2.Win every argument 3.Break a Blues heart 4.Run in a marathon or run the entire event 5.Run a country 1.Take a long road trip with friends 2.Travel extensively and enjoy other cultures 3.Break a Blues Heart 4.Celebrate every holiday on the calendar as only Yellows can 5.Play charades long and often with many diverse groups of people 1.Create something uniquely personal 2.Become competent at a skill you value 3.Experience something new 4.Tell yourself youre amazing 5.Forgive someone who didnt measure up! 1.Initiate and carry on a legitimate conversation with a stranger 2.React from an emotional perspective. Risk with your heart. 3.Break a Blues Heart 4.Spontaneously do something-- anything--at least three times 5.Keep your subtle witty comments flowing at all times and with everyone.

20 2 Things To Do Before You Die

21 1.Become vulnerable and share their heart 2.Leave their cell phone and computer at home and take a real vacation 1.Finish something they are passionate about and commit to it 2.Marry Well 1.Set emotional boundaries for others and free yourself to zoom past your own! 2.Forgive yourself just because you can! 1.Connect verbally on a deep, intimate level with another adult 2.Passionately stand up for something you believe in or right some wrong in the world

22 Develop a Positive Connection What to do and not to do when working with one another to make a successful partnership or group.

23 DO

24 1.Your homework and present issues logically 2.Demand their attention and respect 3.Be direct, brief, and specific 4.Be productive and efficient 5.Offer them leadership opportunities 6.Verbalize your feelings 7.Support their decisive nature 8.Promote their intelligence where appropriate 9.Be prepared with facts and figures 10.Respect their needs to make their own decisions their way. 1.Be positive and proactive with them in your life 2.Adore and praise them legitimately 3.Touch them physically 4.Accept their playful teasing 5.Remember that they are more sensitive than they appear 6.Value their social interaction skills 7.Remember they hold feelings deeply 8.Promote creative and fun activities 9.Enjoy their charismatic innocence 10.Allow them verbal expression 1.Emphasize their security in the relationship 2.Be sensitive and soft-spoken 3.Be sincere and genuine 4.Behave appropriately and well-mannered 5.Limit their risk level 6.Promote their creativity 7.Appreciate them 8.Allow time to gather thoughts before expressing themselves 9.Be Loyal 10.Do thorough analysis before making presentations 1.Be Kind 2.Be logical, clear and firm about the content you present 3.Provide a structure for them to operate in 4.Be patient and gentle 5.Introduce options and ideas for their involvement 6.Be simple and open 7.Acknowledge and accept their individuality 8.Be casual, informal, and relaxed 9.Look for nonverbal clues to their feelings 10.Listen quietly


26 1.Embarrass them in front of others 2.Argue from an emotional perspective 3.Always use an authoritarian approach 4.Use physcal punishment 5.Be slow and indecisive 6.Expect a personal and intimate relationship 7.Attack them personally 8.Take their arguments personally 9.Wait for them to solicit your opinion 10.Demand constant social interaction (allow for alone time) 1.Be too serious in criticisms 2.Push them too intensely 3.Ignore them 4.Forget they have down times too 5.Demand perfection 6.Expect them to dwell on problems 7.Give them too much rope, or theyll hang themselves 8.Classify them as just social butterflies 9.Forget a Yellows creative genius 10.Totally control their schedules 1.Make them feel guilty 2.Be rude or abrupt 3.Promote too much change 4.Expect spontaneity 5.Abandon them 6.Expect them to bounce back easily or quickly from depression 7.Demand perfection 8.Push them too quickly to make decisions 9.Expect them to forgive quickly 10.Demand immediate action or verbal banter 1.Be cruel or insensitive 2.Expect them to need much social interaction 3.Force immediate verbal expression, accept written communication 4.Be too domineering or too intense 5.Demand conformity 6.Overwhelm them with too much at once 7.Force confrontation 8.Speak too fast 9.Take away all their daydreams 10.Demand leadership

27 Celebrities That Appear Red Angelina Jolie Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Russell Crowe Katie Couric Larry King Jack Nicholson Madonna Al Pacino Barbara Walters Nicholas Cage Martha Stewart David Letterman

28 Celebrities That Appear Blue Oprah Winfrey Steven Spielberg Walt Disney Diane Sawyer Harrison Ford Faith Hill Brad Pitt Kate Winslet Elton John Renee Zellweger Prince William Beyonce Knowles Matt Damon

29 Celebrities That Appear White Albert Einstein Yoda Diane Keaton Johnny Depp Gwyneth Paltrow Michael Jackson Queen Elizabeth Nicole Kidman President Jimmy Carter Britney Spears President George Bush Sr. Gwen Stefani Lance Armstrong

30 Celebrities That Appear Yellow Bill Clinton Ronald Regan Elvis Presley Julia Roberts Will Farrell Jessica Simpson Goldie Hawn Will Smith Mel Gibson Cameron Diaz Ellen DeGeneres Matthew McConaughey George Clooney

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