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16 Personality Types The Visionary The Thinker The Giver The Protector

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1 16 Personality Types The Visionary The Thinker The Giver The Protector
The Inspirer The Idealist The Scientist The Guardian The Duty Fulfiller The Nurturer The Caregiver The Mechanic The Doer The Performer The Artist The Executive

2 The Visionary Uses intuition to process information
Extremely quick and accurate in the ability to size up a situation Good at almost anything that interests them Idea people sometimes referred as the “Lawyer” type Career example - Photographer

3 The Thinker Deal with things rationally and logically
Ability to analyze difficult problems & identify patterns and come up with logical explanations Minds constantly working to develop new theories Do not like to lead or control people Career example - Engineer

4 The Giver People-focused individuals Can bring out the best in others
Make people do exactly what they want them to do Deal with things according to how they feel about them Career example - Clergy

5 The Inspirer Love life, seeing it as a special gift and strive to make the most out of it Project oriented and may go through several careers during their lifetime Do everything in line with their values Warm, enthusiastic and very bright people Career example - Actor

6 The Protector Gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive individuals
Only 1% this type making it the rarest They are usually right and usually know it They get “feelings” about things Concerned for people’s feelings and try to be gentle to avoid hurting anyone Career example - Psychiatrist

7 The Idealist Focused on making the world a better place to live
Primary goal is to find the meaning of life Thoughtful, considerate & good listeners Rely on intuition to guide them Career example - Writer

8 The Scientist Calm, collected and analytical
Live in the world of ideas & strategic planning Work best alone and prefer to work alone Spend a lot of time inside their own minds Career example - Scientist

9 The Guardian Live in a world of facts and concrete needs
Honor traditions and laws and have clear set of standards and beliefs Take charge people Usually a model citizen Career example - Judge

10 The Duty Fulfiller Quiet, reserved individuals interested in security and peaceful living Loyal, faithful and dependable and place great importance on honesty & integrity Will work long hours to fulfill duties Natural leaders Career example – Police Officer

11 The Nurturer Truly warm and kind-hearted and want to believe the best of people Very sensitive to other’s feelings Extremely dependable Service oriented – focused on what people need and want Career Example - Nurse

12 The Caregiver Love people, warmly interested in others
Take responsibility very seriously Need approval from others to feel good about themselves Tend to put others’ needs above their own Career example – Child care provider

13 The Mechanic Like to take things apart to see the way they work
Attracted to motorcycles, airplane, surfing, etc. Do not respect rules of the “System” Like and need to spend time alone Career example - Pilot

14 The Doer Blunt, straight-forward risk takers willing to plunge right into things and get hands dirty Strong flair for drama and style Fast-moving and fast talking people “Do it and get on with it” attitude Career example - Paramedic

15 The Performer Lively and fun and enjoy being center of attention
Strong inter-personal skills The entire world is a stage Upbeat and enthusiastic and like almost everybody Career example - Singer

16 The Artist Keenly in tune with the way things look, taste, sound, feel and smell Tend to be quiet and reserved and difficult to get to know Live in the present moment Dislike dealing with theory Career example - Artist

17 The Executive Natural born leaders
Career-focused, fit into corporate world Dislike seeing mistakes repeated, no patience for inefficiency Excellent verbal communication skills Career example - Lawyer

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