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Declining a Latin Noun.

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1 Declining a Latin Noun

2 Step 1 – Find the noun stem
The noun stem is found by dropping the genitive singular ending from the noun. Dictionary entry of a noun: Puella puellae, f girl Nominative singular Genitive singular Gender Meaning Puellae – ae = puell Noun Stem

3 Step 2: Add the case endings to the noun stem.
Singular Plural Nominative Genitive Dative Accusative Ablative

4 Which noun is in the dative singular case?
puellis viae casam feminas Next Question

5 Correct!!! Back

6 Try again!!! Back

7 Which noun is in the accusative plural case?
puellas viam nautarum poetae Next Question

8 Correct!!! Back

9 Try again!!! Back

10 Which noun ending does not belong according to number?
ae arum is am Next Question

11 Correct!!! Back

12 Try again!!! Back

13 The case ending AE is not used for _____ case?
Nominative plural Genitive singular Dative plural Dative singular Next Question

14 Correct!!! Back

15 Try again!!! Back

16 The dative and _______ plural have the same ending?
Nominative Accusative Ablative Genitive

17 Correct!!! Back

18 Try again!!! Back

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