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The Website Its Magical May 2008. How to Use the Cool Cities Website.

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1 The Website Its Magical May 2008

2 How to Use the Cool Cities Website

3 Registration Page Create a User Name Create a User Name and Password First and Last Name E-mail City, State, Zip Phone

4 Your Profile Edit any detail of your profile Change your password here Optional Profile Opportunities About me Create a signature Useful for City Leads!

5 People Finder Only available to registered users Access to list of other Cool Cities activists in your town Can e-mail each other through website

6 Resources Resource Sections Core Resources Resource Title File Access

7 Resources Sections Activist Tools Basic Materials for Every Campaign Best Practice Guides and Technical Information Cool Cities Guide, US Mayors, USGBC, Inventory Factsheet Campaign Handouts Factsheets Chapter / Group Leaders (Training & Mobilization) Training Presentations Climate Action Plans Global Warming Background Under construction Personal Action Five Things You Can Do

8 Search Options New Activists Should Start Here Let Us Know If You Think Something Should Be Added Conference Call Materials Will Be Posted Here

9 Cool Cities Forums Discussion Board Space for Q & A Library of Information Forums Announcements Getting Started Sustaining and Building Your Campaign Technical Issues Solutions and Best Practices Climate Action Plans Cool Counties Global Warming and Energy Information In The News Success Stories Using the Website

10 Forum - Main Page

11 Inside a Forum Add A Topic

12 Inside a Post Post a Reply Send a Message

13 The Green Playbook

14 U.S. Green Building Council


16 What Makes a Great Profile A Primary Contact The Official Sign-on Date Regular Campaign Updates Picture from Your Campaign Updated Milestones Section Local News and Event Announcements

17 Primary Contact Connects any interested activists with your campaign team and efforts City Lead Communications Coordinator Remember: Not all Cool Cities Activist comes to this campaign through the Sierra Club

18 Editing Your Citys Profile Click Edit City to update your city profile Click Download City Activists for a list of all registered activists in your city Update Milestones Completed when you edit your city profile Click NEW box to share news, announcements, events, and links.

19 Editing Your Citys Profile Update your mayors name Write about your campaign, successes, upcoming events Necessary so your city shows up on the map

20 Editing Your Citys Profile Add a photo to your profile- events, volunteers, your mayor, fun local landmark If your mayor has not signed on, leave as a No and leave date blank. If your mayor has signed on, mark as Yes and choose appropriate date. Check off the milestones that match your campaign progress

21 What the Five Milestones? 1.Establish Campaign 2.Engage the Community 3.City Signs the Agreement 4.Initial Solutions Steps 5.Advanced Smart Energy Solutions Each milestone has concrete goals for your campaign

22 Editing Your City Profile Estimated Number of Volunteers Click Submit!

23 News and Announcements

24 Creating an Announcements Title Synopsis (Will be shown in the sidebar) Full Story (Will be shown when user clicks the MORE button) Choose the last date you want the announcement to be displayed Click Submit Changes

25 Creating a New Link

26 Creating New Links Put web address here This is the underlined text a visitor will click on and links directly to the web address Briefly describe what youve linked to Click here to submit!

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