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Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition Prostate Cancer Group LEADER Tutorial.

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1 Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition Prostate Cancer Group LEADER Tutorial

2 WHY use the WSPCC website? -Centralized location for all support group information occurring around the state -Allows quick sharing of speaker and uniform topics on an ongoing basis for support group leaders -Allows important information shared during a monthly support group meeting for one group to be shared with the rest of the state AND site visitors through “searching key words”. (Ex. Diet & exercise, clinical trials, fun activities, retreats, screening, Community outreach, advocacy),

3 Quick Tip to assist our viewers Select “CTL” and hold down “+ or –” to change browser text sizing.

4 “Support Group Leader Login” All pages have the login panel – Bottom Center Login here!

5 If you have never been issued “Support Group Leader Login” Select “Register”- Tab to right of Login

6 New Group Leader ONLY Complete “Registration details” and select “Register”

7 Once Login has been created you will only need to Select “Login” and Login with User/Password

8 Complete “Login details” and select “Login”

9 You will now see “Menubar” across top of browser. Group Leader profile details can be edited at right.

10 This is an example of Group Leader - Guenther “Dashboard Menu” directory on left side of page.

11 Here is the top portion of Group Leader profile.

12 Here is the next portion of Group Leader profile.

13 Here is the last portion of Group Leader profile.

14 Dashboard – will display occasional internal update info, etc and gives a quick view of activities.

15 There are 4 sections Group Leaders will use to keep Group details organized and up to date.

16 POSTS – are SPECIFIC and one time such as “Guest Speaker” or “News or Breakthrough” items.

17 POST – Example “Guest Speaker” post. You can add images, links, text, and assign Tags

18 EVENTS – are entries such as “PCSG Meetings, Fundraising, or Retreats” that contain Event details.

19 EVENTS – are automatically populated onto Calendar and contain group meeting details.

20 EVENTS – Hover cursor over event on calendar for pop out with details of the event.

21 EVENTS – Click event on calendar to view specific event detail page

22 Media – contain “Images, Banners, photos, etc” that you upload and make available for your group.

23 Media – Image that has been uploaded to WAPCC server to use later in pages.

24 Page – “Static or slow changing” information - or “first line of contact” – Group homepage

25 Page – In this case labeled for our “Centralia Group” Hover over title to open or select edit below title.


27 Page – NEVER CHANGE the TITLE! Changeable details for Group Homepage are inside blue box. This area contains web pertinent items and will be adjusted by webmaster. No changes here! Logo added This area is the Primary section to be concerned with. All group Homepage details are held here.

28 How to “ADD” – POST / EVENT / MEDIA or Update your group homepage by selecting page.

29 Here are some input details that you will update or add to a new POST. TITLE Title – Keep them uniform in style as it will aid in search and archives. Example (CITY – MONTH and GUEST SPEAKER) Publish – Draft or Published info. Main body area (contains text, links, images, etc) Items below Main body are not necessary Featured image

30 “The sky is the limit” ADD details or make amendments to existing posts.

31 Tags, Tags, Tags

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