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Sympathy Flowers. Important segment of retail business pieces sent to the funeral home permanent flowers and potted plants for cemetery.

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1 Sympathy Flowers

2 Important segment of retail business pieces sent to the funeral home permanent flowers and potted plants for cemetery

3 Sympathy flowers bread and butter income for shops not a seasonal sale needed throughout the year

4 Sympathy flowers provide steady income for the florist competition among shops is keen

5 Sympathy flowers area customs and traditions are important must cooperate with customer and funeral home

6 Sympathy flowers sent as a tribute to the deceased an expression of love and sympathy for the surviving family

7 Sympathy flowers orders are taken, designed and delivered quickly can require extra hours on evenings and weekends

8 Sympathy flowers family members will usually speak with the florist to order the main arrangements casket sprays

9 Sympathy flowers family may need to rely on the florist for assistance in choosing flowers and style

10 Basic designs size and style vary based upon customer request most common include: casket sprays standing sprays

11 Basic designs wreaths baskets arrangements green and blooming plants

12 Each piece is tagged with a card giving the name of the deceased and the sender

13 Each piece double cards are popular - half of the card is given to the family, the other half stays on the arrangement

14 Card includes a description of the piece this helps family to remember the piece when sending acknowledgements

15 Card address of sender may also be included

16 Casket sprays also called covers sits on the lid of the casket most elaborate piece generally purchased by the closest family members

17 Casket sprays three sizes full couch three quarters half couch

18 Casket sprays 3/4 and 1/2 are the most popular full couch are the most expensive and difficult to handle if the casket is to be opened.

19 Sprays most popular piece ordered may be single or double single spray has a bow at one end with flowers extending to the other end

20 Sprays designed to be displayed on a special frame that holds up to one dozen sprays along the sides or end of the casket

21 Sprays single are less expensive than double sprays and wreaths offers customer a broad price range price is determined by the type of flowers used

22 Sprays a bow is added and filler flowers are placed around the bow and between the primary flowers

23 Sprays double sprays are called standing sprays they are displayed on wire easels. Dixon picks attach the styrofoam to the easel

24 Sprays two wooden picks attached on opposite ends of a flexible metal strip double sprays are often placed alongside the casket

25 Sprays usually an oval, diamond, or triangular shape bow is placed in the center with flowers extending in both directions

26 Sprays may be hand tied with the natural stems showing do not have a source of water and must be delivered the day of the funeral

27 Sprays hand tied are not practical for this reason many use floral foam soaked in preservative and water flowers stay fresh longer

28 Sprays a block of styrofoam may also be used this adds strength to the arrangement makes delivery easier

29 Sprays flowers are placed in water picks and inserted into the styrofoam

30 Wreaths constructed in a similar manner to sprays wreath forms are made of styrofoam, straw, or plastic casing filled with floral foam

31 Wreaths may also use natural grapevine wreaths range in size from 12 - 30 inches in diameter

32 Wreaths may add accessories to the center bibles are popular - taken home by the family as a memento

33 Baskets plastic, metal, papier mache grapevine may also be used often a plastic liner is used inside the basket to hold water

34 Baskets most common flowers gladioli carnations mums poppons

35 Baskets roses and lillies may be added to increase the value of the basket arrangement is usually triangular or fan shaped

36 Baskets bows are often added script is often added to the ribbon streamer Mother, Father Friend, Grandfather etc.

37 Other designs many times florists are asked to incorporate an insignia or logo of a group or club which the deceased belonged to

38 Other designs hearts and crosses are popular living plants blooming plants potted plants are decorated with bows

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