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FLORAL TOOL ID Floral Design.

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1 FLORAL TOOL ID Floral Design

2 Enclosure card Reception Card Respond Card Ceremony Card Informal Card
To: Bonnie From: Craig Reception Card Respond Card Ceremony Card Informal Card Apology Card Thank you Card (Or just confess your undying love card.)

3 Care Tag How to care for your arrangement

4 Excelsior Slender, curved wood shavings used especially for packing.

5 Foam used for flower arranging
Foam used for flower arranging. It soaks up water like a sponge and acts as a preservative. Floral Foam

6 Floral Tape It’s a stretchy material used in flower arranging and corsage making etc. Comes in many colors

7 Fabric Scissors Used to cut fabric with a more precise edge.
Weapon for self defense?

8 Underwater Stem Cutter
Helps to cut the stem allowing wilted flowers to gain the flow of water and nutrients

9 Helps to secure the floral foam in its container
Waterproof Tape Helps to secure the floral foam in its container

10 Used to cut thin metal wires
Wire Cutters Used to cut thin metal wires

11 Wired Wooden Pick Secure to bows or items that need to be inserted into an arrangement

12 Protective covering for wreath rings and frames.
Wreath Wrap Protective covering for wreath rings and frames.

13 Band worn around the wrist for corsages
Wristlet Band worn around the wrist for corsages

14 Florist Easel To display arrangements

15 Florist Knife Used for cutting stems, flowers and foam.

16 Florist Shears For cutting flowers
Smaller than standard anvil or bypass pruning sheers

17 Floral Foam Cage To keep the foam secure
Alternative to waterproof tape

18 Glass Gems Used on the bottom of a vase to add color

19 Glass Marbles Alternative to glass gems Round

20 Compotes Containers for bouquets or arrangements
Has a “stand” or “base” attached

21 Containers for bouquets or arrangement
Single design bowl Containers for bouquets or arrangement

22 Corsage Bag To wrap corsage before delivery
Bigger than a boutonniere bag

23 Boutonniere & Corsage Pins
Corsage pins always larger

24 styrofoam

25 Crushed Styrofoam

26 Curling Ribbon For decoration, balloons, etc.

27 Dry Oak Leaves Used in floral arrangements to show texture

28 Dry Wheat Leaves Used to add texture and sometimes height

29 Raffia As an alternative to ribbon Rustic look

30 Rose stripper Used to strip the leaves and thorns from roses

31 Rose vase Standard choice for a dozen roses Tapered at top

32 Chenille Stem Fancy name for pipe cleaner To fasten or strengthen

33 Cardette Holds enclosure card


35 Kenzan (pin holder) To hold flowers in place
Place at the bottom of shallow vases

36 PAN GLUE To glue things Heat in hot glue pan

37 Hot Glue Pan To heat glue chips

38 Lace collar To collar bouquets Ugly
Not sure why you would want to use it

39 Latex Balloon

40 Mylar Balloon

41 Metal Pick Goes in the Metal Pick Machine

42 Steel Pick Machine Heavy-duty tabletop stemming machine quickly clamps sturdy metal picks onto flower stems.

43 Casket Saddle Shaped so you can put flowers on top of a casket
So the flowers can cascade down

44 Clear Vinyl Liner To line base of house plants
Used in some arrangements

45 PAPER TWIST RIBBON Alternative to standard ribbon
Texture is conducive to entertaining your cat


47 Metallic FOIL

48 POT COVER Used to conceal the pot

49 Aquapic Holds water for a single flower Pointed Tip

50 Orchid Tube Holds water for a single flower
Or for multiple small stems Not pointed at the bottom like an aqua pic

51 Bouquet Holder

52 Boutonniere Pin Used to pin the floral boutonniere onto the shirt.
Comes in various colors.

53 Bud Vase Bud vases are used to only hold 1 to 3 flowers

54 Glue Gun

55 Glue Stick Put in a Glue gun Forward… never backwards!

56 Grapevine Wreath

57 Greening Pins Secure moss and other foliage Traditionally dark green

58 Stickum Sticks things together?

59 Net Larger net-like holes than tulle

60 Tulle Finer holes than net Used as accents and sometimes bows

61 Paddle wire Just like the wire we use only it comes on rolls.

62 Paper mache liner Alternative to a compote or bowl

63 Shredded wax paper The fluffy shreds that go in Easter baskets!

64 Spanish Moss Comes in green, light green and tan More wiry

65 Sphagnum Moss More organic looking Slightly “leafy”

66 Stephanotis stem Keeps flowers fresh and firmly supports flower head and eliminates wiring.

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