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How to Make a Homecoming Mum

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1 How to Make a Homecoming Mum

2 Materials Needed Standard incurve chrysanthemum bloom
Cardboard shield or backing #9, #3, & #1 ribbon matching school colors Accessories Scissors Hand stapler Hot glue gun

3 Preparing Shield/Backing
Cut 6 six-inch strips of #9 ribbon (Color A) and 7 six-inch strips of #3 ribbon (Color B) Cut 6 six-inch strips of #9 ribbon (Color B) and 6 six-inch strips of #3 ribbon (Color A) Lay a strip of #3 ribbon along a strip of #9 ribbon of the opposite color. The shiny side of both pieces should be facing up. Take the ends of the ribbons between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Bring the ends together to form a point. Staple the ends together. Continue until all 13 points are made.


5 Preparing Shield/Backing Part 2
Staple the points onto a cardboard shield or backing. With Color A: Position the 7 identical points to form the outside row of points around the shield. Staple the first three points at the 12-, 9-, and 3-o'clock positions. Fill the remaining four points in between the three already positioned. With Color B: Position the 6 identical points to form the inside row of points around the shield. Fill these points between the points of the outside row.


7 Preparing Streamers Using #9 ribbon, cut 8 thirty-inch streamers. (This length can vary depending on the desires of the designer.) Make 5 of the streamers using color A and 4 using color B. - If desired, put lettering on the streamers. Use pre-made letters or make them using glue and glitter. - Cut another 30" streamer of either color A or B. Lay this streamer shiny side up on the table. - Working to the left and alternating colors, lay down 4 streamers. They should overlap at the top and fan out towards the bottom. Staple these together. Follow the same procedure for the remaining streamers. Staple all streamers together. - Staple the streamers onto the shield.


9 Accessories Several accessories are available to add to the mum. They include miniature footballs, helmets, bells, etc. - Tie or glue the accessories to strands of #1 ribbon. Vary the length of ribbon strands. - Staple the strands to the backing.

10 Chains can be added

11 Attaching Flower Shield
Using a hot glue gun, spread hot glue over the exposed shield. Attach the flower to the shield. - Apply slight pressure until glue has dried.

12 Making a large bow Using two strands of #3 ribbon (one of each color), make a large bow about the same width of the completed shield. - Glue the bow onto the small streamers, beneath the flower.

13 Finishing the Backing Take a 3 1/2-inch section of #9 ribbon. Fold it in half and staple onto another shield. This is where the mum will be attached to the garment. - Glue this second shield onto the back of the corsage shield to cover any staples or mechanics. Be sure to hide any exposed staples so they will not snag the garment of the wearer.

14 Completing the Mum Trim streamer tails to make them all even. Notching them in a V-shape improves the overall appearance of the mum. If desired, lightly spray the entire mum with sparkling glitter.


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