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Communism v. Capitalism

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1 Communism v. Capitalism
The Cold War Communism v. Capitalism

2 Atomic Bombs dropped on Japan
WWII Ends Atomic Bombs dropped on Japan Warning to USSR? Surrender August, 1945

3 The Allies Split Up With war over, US and USSR again adversaries
Superpowers Germany to be divided into 4 zones France, Britain, USA, USSR


5 The United Nations (UN)
Replaces League of Nations UN Charter Signed by 50 nations (June 1945) To resolve disputes & prevent wars US & Soviet Union both join Universal Declaration of Human Rights


7 Soviet Expansion in Europe
Stalin agreed to elections in Eastern Europe but they were rigged USSR set up Communist governments = satellite states Europe split in ½ “East” v “West” Buffer zone?

8 Iron Curtain Winston Churchill Western dems must halt communism


10 Policy of Containment US to halt Communist expansion through limited military means & non-military means Strategic Areas – Western Europe & Japan Truman Doctrine – give aid to any countries threatened by Communism


12 The Marshall Plan George C
$17 billion recovery program for Western Europe USSR & E. satellites refuse $ Increase in US exports Deepened cold war divide

13 Berlin Blockade & Airlift
June 48 USSR cuts access to Berlin > Truman would not w/draw or use force > supply by airlift ensued > Atomic bombers sent to England > Stalin does not challenge > (Truman wins in 48) > Stalin blinks in May 49 Effect: 2 Germanys Federal Republic of (West) Democratic Republic of (East)

14 Opposing Alliances NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949)
Democratic Countries Break w/Washington’s advice and long standing policy 10 Euros + US & Canada Truman placed troops in in W Europe under Eisenhower Warsaw Pact (1955) USSR & Communist Countries

15 National Security Act 1947 Dept of “Defense”
Creates Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Gather info on foreign nations Domestic spying?

16 Atomic Weapons

17 Arms Race US monopoly 45-49 Long range bombers USSR 1st bomb in 49 Truman approved Hydrogen-bomb in 49, completed by 52

18 Cold War Asia Japan – Parliamentary Democracy, US-Japanese Security Treaty ’51 > ally in Asia China – communists under Mao take over by ‘49 Republicans especially worried about the “loss of China”

19 Korean War Communist North Korea attacks Democratic South Korea (1950)
Containment policy UN sends forces to fight communists under MacArthur Amphibious attack at Inchon Chinese drive US out of N. Korea By Stalemate War ends




23 Senator Joe McCarthy

24 Eisenhower Doctrine - Aid to Mid East to stop communism
Egypt’s Nassar nationalizes Suez Canal Covert action in Iran 1953 Gov’t tried to nationalize oil Shah Reza Pehlavi installed

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