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Welcome to Open House!. Ben Hill Primary Kindergarten Dr. Clements & Mrs. Smith 2012-2013.

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1 Welcome to Open House!

2 Ben Hill Primary Kindergarten Dr. Clements & Mrs. Smith 2012-2013

3 Open House Students should find their name on the kinderlinks (desks in circle). Allow students to get their treat bag on their kinderlink. Please wait to discuss transportation for your child with Dr. Clements. I need to know the address where your child will be dropped off in the afternoons or if they will be a car rider.

4 Student Folders You will be given a folder for your child. Please fill out all information on the right side of the folder, and return the folder with your child tomorrow morning. It is important that we receive all required information especially phone numbers where you can be reached at all times.

5 Name Tags You will find a name tag for your child in the folder. Please put this on your child the first day of school, especially if they are riding the bus. My name will be on the tag also.

6 Supply List Examples of these items are on the table. Do not send pencil boxes. I provide pouches for students. 8 glue sticks (please, NO glue bottles) 1 pair of Fiskars scissors (metal blades) 3 boxes of skinny 8 count Crayola crayons 1 box of yellow #2 pencils (made in the U.S.A. – these sharpen much easier) (Please only send yellow pencils, no theme-related pencils, please.) 2 big erasers (pink pearl-rectangle shaped) 1 large book bag (no rolling types) 2 spiral notebooks (70 count or larger) Please use a permanent marker to put your child’s name only on these three items: scissors, book bag, and notebooks.

7 Lunch Number Each student has a lunch number assigned to them. Students must memorize this number and be able to enter it on the lunchroom computer. A sample computer screen with your child’s lunch number is in your child’s folder. Please practice saying it and entering it on the computer screen daily. I will help your child the first few days.

8 Arrival Student should arrive by 7:10 if they wish to eat breakfast. Students are counted tardy after 7:30 and must report to the office for a tardy slip. Instruction begins at 7:30. Students who are late are missing instruction and it will affect their learning. Please be on time!

9 You may walk your child to class the first day. Then, if your child is a car rider, please help your child become independent by dropping them off at the front of the school and allowing them to walk to class. Someone will be located in the hallways to help your child get to the correct place.

10 Bookbags Students should bring bookbags daily. When students arrive in the classroom, they are to check their bookbags and give the teacher any necessary items such as notes, lunch money, or supplies. Students will hang bookbags on hooks with their name.

11 Lunch Our class lunch time is 12:05. You may eat with your child at lunch. Please sign in at the office and wait for us outside the cafeteria doors. Parent tables are located by the cafeteria windows. For safety reasons, please only take your child to the parent table to eat. Adult lunches are $2.00.

12 Lunch Money If you are sending money, please place it in an envelope or ziploc bag with your child’s name and purpose of money (lunch money).

13 Birthdays Birthday parties are not allowed at school; however, if you wish to send cupcakes, you may send them to be eaten during lunch. Please do not send cupcakes with rings on top (choking hazard). Please limit this to cupcakes ONLY (no juice or extra food/party items). Your cooperation is appreciated!

14 Student Behavior Please sign the discipline form in your child’s folder and return it. Discuss classroom rules daily with your child. Encourage your child to follow the rules. Be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn (3R’s).

15 Dismissal Buses will dismiss at 2:25. Car riders will dismiss at 2:30. If your child is a car rider, I will give you a green strip of paper with my name and your child’s name. Please place this on your dashboard so that the car monitors can see it and be calling for your child’s name. If your child ever needs to go home a different way, please call the school by 1:00 and leave a message with the secretary. You may also send a note, making sure your child gives it to me.

16 I look forward to working with each student and watching them grow physically and academically. This year will be filled with many learning experiences! You will be amazed at how much your child will grow this year as the seeds of reading and writing are planted. I can not wait to see you bright and early tomorrow morning. Have a great night!

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