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Welcome to Kindergarten.

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten

2 General Information Attendance: Transportation
A copy of the Whitlow Elementary Handbook is located on our school website. Attendance: - Do not call the classroom as your message to the office will be forwarded to the teacher’s mailbox. A written excuse is necessary when the student returns to school. You will receive a form to use for excuses. Transportation - A WRITTEN note is required for all changes -must contain: dates, student’s first and last names, teacher’s name, change We strongly recommend that students begin the regular transportation routine the first day of school to avoid confusion/changes later.

3 General Information School Hours: Volunteers: -8:20am-3:00pm
-Drop off begins at 7:50am -Tardy after 8:20 am and must be checked in at the front office Volunteers: -Begin Aug. 19th -Hours: 9am-2pm -Please complete volunteer form -Teachers will schedule as needed -Check in at front desk

4 General Information Lunchroom: Yellow Folder: -Breakfast: $1.25
-Can bring lunch from home -Menus online -Access account through -Ice cream: $.75 and only on Fridays with a note -Visitors must sit at parent table Yellow Folder: -To and from school everyday -Main source of parent/teacher Communication -Please check your child’s folder every Night -Everything goes in yellow folder (money, notes, etc.)

5 Kindergarten Supplies
You may send these supplies as soon as possible after registration. Some items will be taken up and used at appropriate times Please do not send: pens, mechanical pencils, glitter crayons, pencil sharpeners, or trapper keepers. Book Bag Primary writing tablet 2 boxes of crayons (24 count)‏ 24-# 2 pencils 1 pack of colored pencils 2 large pink erasers 1 pencil box 1 bottle of liquid glue 10 large glue sticks 1 pair of child safety scissors 1 box of washable markers (8 pack)‏ 1 pack of dry erase markers 3-3-prong plastic folders with pockets 1-1 inch 3 ring binder (we prefer white with a clear front pocket) 2 primary ruled composition journals (with space at the top for pictures) 1 pack of pencil top erasers

6 Teacher Contact -My phone number is ext. 370(please see your teachers’ website). - please see your teachers’ website -Emergencies please call the front office

7 Instructional Assistant
Are shared between two kindergarten teachers Allows for optimal learning opportunities for all students Supports differentiated instruction and small group teaching throughout the day

8 -We recommend you have your child come to school and leave from school on Thursday the same way they will everyday. This will help establish a routine. Also, we recommend that you not walk them down to the classroom, to help them make the transition easier. -Please keep an extra pair of clothes in your child’s book bag in case of an accident or spill. -To allow the students time to adjust to their new routines there will be no lunchroom visitors or volunteers until August 19th. Thank you! -Look for weekly newsletters. -We will observe each child’s birthday. Parents of the birthday child may wish to send in a special snack which will be served during lunch. Please see the new county guideline: you may not bring in home-made class snacks, they must be store bought. Summer birthdays will be observed during the last month of school. -We will have a daily snack in the classroom. Please make sure to send snacks that are nutritious and low in sugar. Chocolate is not recommended for snack. Candy is not allowed for snack. -PLEASE DO NOT leave until you have told me how your child is going home on Thursday.

9 Specials Please see your teacher for your child’s specials schedule.

10 Behavior School Rules: Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe -Steps:
Verbal Warning: Student/Teacher Conference Refocus: Student will refocus (see example), sheet will be sent home in daily folder to be signed and returned to school. Parent Notification: Phone call home to discuss behavior. Office Referral -Students will be given the opportunity to change their day if the behavior improves. -Students will be rewarded in the classroom for great behavior.

11 -Thank you so much for coming
-Thank you so much for coming. We look forward to a wonderful year together. -Don’t forget to complete the forms and put them on the back table. -Also, don’t forget to have your child wear the white label with the teacher name inside their folder on Thursday morning. -Have student wear transportation badge to and from school everyday for the next two weeks.

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