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Strengthening innovation and competitiveness through cooperation between European and Latin American regions.

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1 Strengthening innovation and competitiveness through cooperation between European and Latin American regions

2 Geographic location Territorial extension184,934 km 2 / 71,403 sq mi Border line592 km / 368 mi Coast line1,207 km / 750 mi Population (2005)2.3 million Economically active955,161 Median age23 Northwest of Mexico, bordering with Arizona, USA and the states of Baja California, Chihuahua and Sinaloa in Mexico There is rapid population growth in US regions near Sonora border. Pacific rim economies

3 Economic performance 2004200520062007 Economic growth%7.25.765.4 Job creation#29,62430,76031,99231,176 Foreign direct investment M USD638.61,838137.85544.4 Per capita incomeUSD6,2007,9008,3009,100 Employment by economic sector From 2006 to 2008: Sonora advanced 24 positions in a nationwide ranking for Economic stability (going from position 30 in 2006 to position 6 in 2008). Growth of 81% in fixed and mobile phone penetration. An increase of 64% in the number of Internet users. The public expenditure on investment growth 45%

4 Sonoras competitiveness agenda (Sectors) Knowledge-based economy Automotive and aerospace High technology and biotech Information and communication technologies Mining Tourism Energy Internationalisation (Forum di Torino, Sonora- Arizona Commission for regional competitiveness, expanding partnerships through Europe and Asia)

5 Productive sector growth trough innovation infrastructure and knowledge development Enhance research capabilities Develop and attract high- qualified people More access to research centers for industry Increase the number of collaboration networks Public policy to foster industry development Better access to knowledge and technology Sonoras Competitiveness Agenda Strength state-wide human capital system Develop international networks and collaborative projects Increased regional capability on innovation and competitiveness S e c t o r s

6 Forum di Torino: Facilitating innovation efforts through international cooperation Sonora: A founder member of FdT. FdT serves as a gateway between LatAm and European regions. Our strategy aims to increase collaboration with European regions. An increase in FDT member regions is expected for 2009, bringing more collaboration opportunities.

7 Sonora State projects with European Regions Aquiculture & Seaculture with Galicia (ES) – EU – Mexico Aquiculture Network – MoU with INTERCO Aquitaine – European regions companies accessed to distribution networks in USA – Joint projects to improve organic breeding capabilities Viticulture – Technical visits that resulted in collaboration projects with France companies Forest – MoU with CIS Madeira in Galicia (ES) – Joint research project among European and Mexican universities and R&D centres

8 Sonora State projects with European Regions (contd) Specific interest Tourism – The Sea of Cortes (Sonoras coastline) has served for many years as a research area for R&D centres and agencies from Europe. Water & Environment – Joint research project in remote sensing, GIS (Geo-referenced information system), hydrology... with Institut de recherche pour le développement (France). – Irrigation water management project funded by EC (6 th FP) Agribusiness – Joint project with University of Almeria (ES) in Mexico. Almeria Producers letter of intention to invest 1 million in protected agricultural crops in Sonora.

9 Others sectors of interest for collaborative projects Biotechnology Agribusiness Information and communication technologies Logistics Alternative energies Alternative tourism

10 European and Latin America Regions Working together long time ago... with a big potential to growth There are many joint research opportunities. Business opportunities arise as a result of research and development projects. Latin America has complementarities in terms of human and natural resources for European research and development projects. Emerging sectors (such as aerospace, biotech, ICT, etc.) are receiving governments support and funding.

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