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Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and supporting of innovation development in enterprises 24th June 2013.

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1 Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and supporting of innovation development in enterprises 24th June 2013

2 Act to provide subsidies at the Ministry of Economy No. 71/2013 to support research, development and innovation funding for research and development projects realisation of development programs within innovation funding for industrial research and experimental development financing of projects carried out under international agreements on scientific and technical cooperation

3 De minimis scheme: Innovation vouchers inspired by best practices in Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium voucher in the nominal value of 3.500 EUR for SMEs and 10.000 EUR for large companies promote cooperation between companies and R&D institutions, stimulate innovation where few businesses invest increase competitiveness of businesses through innovation of its own products, services or technologies, encourage businesses to look outside their network for knew knowledge budget: 250.000 EUR, expected start: 3.Q 2013

4 Innovation vouchers mechanism recipient of voucher will realise innovative project in partnership with R&D institution. The beneficiary (enterprise) covers part of the costs with voucher and R&D institution that prepared the innovative activity subsequently submits voucher to MoE to reimburse it Enterprise MoER&D 3. 1. 2. 1.Application for voucher 2.Cooperation on innovation activity 3.Reimbursement of voucher Enterprise

5 De minimis scheme to support industrial clusters objective is to promote and increase competitiveness of industrial clusters members by streamlining their mutual cooperation as well as strengthening industrial clusters internationally grant in form of advanced payment, 60% of the total approved amount, the rest will be paid upon completion of the project max. intensity of aid is 60% of the total eligible costs of the project activities implemented under this scheme (woman or disabled person +5%) budget: 200.000 EUR expected start: 3.Q 2013

6 De minimis scheme to support industrial clusters eligible activities: a)education of cluster members (workshops, conferences, seminars, specialized training activities) b)presentation of clusters and their members in Slovak Republic or abroad through participation in events, exhibitions c)developing a joint expert base, technology maps of clusters, cluster organizations strategy and expert activities d)involvement of clusters in international projects and networks

7 Microfinance programme access of credit resources to small businesses on more favorable terms programme aims to facilitate the development of small businesses, to increase the survival rate of small businesses and contribute to the maintenance and creation of new jobs in the regions of Slovakia provider of programme: National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (NADSME) under Ministry of Economy

8 Microfinance programme providing microloans of 2.500 to 50.000 EUR on revolving base (repayments are used to provide additional loans) maturity is determined from 6 months to 4 years with the possibility of postponing repayment of principal in maximum of 6 months interest rate depends on the base rate of the ECB and the margins specified on the rating (creditworthiness) and is fixed throughout the repayment period of the loan budget of around 6.5 million EUR

9 Fund to support information technologies (FIT) provider – NADSME, fund to support start-up projects actively support small and medium enterprises budget around 4.2 million EUR to boost Slovakias new start-ups with the highest added value potential, contribute to growth of employment as one of the main priorities of the Government start-ups will get advise from successful entrepreneurs and executives who will oversee the activities of the Fund and will pass on their practical experience

10 Strategy for development of SME sector to 2020 strategy aims to introduce a new model of SMEs support throughout the life cycle of a business, prepared by MoE and NADSME and expected to be approved by the Government in October 2013 based on the agenda of the European Union for support of SMEs (especially the Small Business Act and Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan) measures on stimulating entrepreneurship among young people, support for marginalized groups (women, seniors, etc.), availability of funds for SMEs, support for innovation in SMEs, reducing the administrative burden and so on

11 2014 – 2020 Structural Funds MoE together with Ministry of Education new OP R&D&I through support of cooperation and networking between companies and R&D organisations, universities foster competitiveness of businesses utilise cluster cooperation to improve both public and private expenditures to innovation system

12 Thank you for your kind attention! Vladimir Tanistrak Ministry of Economy Mierova 19, Bratislava Slovak Republic

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