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1 The new ESF 2007-2013 - Investing in your Future -

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1 1 The new ESF 2007-2013 - Investing in your Future -

2 2 European Social Fund - in General Established under the Treaty in 1957 Aims (Article 146 EC Treaty) : In order to improve employment opportunities for workers in the internal market and to contribute thereby to raising the standard of living […]" ESF "shall aim to render the employment of workers easier and to increase their geographical and occupational mobility within the Community, and to facilitate their adaptation to industrial changes and to changes in production systems, in particular through vocational training and retraining."

3 3 The new ESF – Article 2, Regulation No 1081/2006 The ESF shall contribute to the priorities of the Community as regards strengthening economic and social cohesion by improving employment and job opportunities, encouraging a high level of employment and more and better jobs. […] by supporting Member States' policies aiming to achieve full employment and quality and productivity at work, promote social inclusion, including the access of disadvantaged people to employment, and reduce national, regional and local employment disparities."

4 4 The new ESF – Whats new? New programming round from 1 January 2007 New regulations (Regulation No 1081/2006 and No 1083/2006) Strategic Approach Reinforced links with European Employment Strategy (EES) Covers entire EU territory Good governance and partnership Mainstream of innovative actions and trans-national cooperation Priority for institutional capacity

5 5 The new ESF - More Strategic Approach Community Strategic Guidelines (EU level): - aligning cohesion objectives with Lisbon agenda Strategic Reference Framework (national): - consistency of Community, national and regional priorities Operational Programmes - thematic\geographic: analysis, strategy, priorities - approved by the Commission

6 6 Reinforced links with the EES Strengthen economic and social cohesion by supporting MS policies aiming at –full employment, –quality and productivity at work, –social cohesion and social inclusion (including reduction of regional employment disparities) Take account of EU objectives in the field of social inclusion and gender equality Concentration on the employment recommendations

7 7 The new ESF – Principles Concentration –A more strategic approach – geographical – thematic, Simplification Clarification of responsibilities –Stronger role for regions and local players But! Keeping main principles of Community added value: Partnership Programming over 7 years Shared management Quality and performance

8 8 The new ESF - Simplification Fewer objectives – fewer Funds Simpler programming –No measures –No programme complement National eligibility rules More flexible management Partial closure each year (3 years retention of documents)

9 9 The new ESF - Objectives Support under 2 new objectives: Convergence - concerns the least developed regions, comparable to the old Objective 1 Regional Competitiveness and Employment - the rest of the territory of the EU Promotion of innovative activities and trans-national cooperation will be integrated in the scope of ESF

10 10 The new ESF - Priorities Adaptability of workers and enterprises Enhancing access to employment Reinforcing social inclusion Enhancing human capital Promoting good governance and partnership, involvement of social partners

11 11 Additional ESF priorities for Convergence Expanding and improving investment in human capital Institutional capacity and efficiency of public administrations and public services at national, regional and local level

12 12 Mainstreaming innovation and trans-nationality Mainstreaming innovative and trans-national action within each programme - Managing Authorities will select the themes for innovation Trans-national cooperation specific axis + 10% - MS ensure complementarity and consistency with other Community programmes

13 13 Promotion of good governance and partnership Supporting the involvement of social partners Non-governmental stakeholders in ESF programming, implementation and monitoring Capacity building Joint activities by social partners

14 14 Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Operational Programmes include description of how gender equality and equal opportunities are promoted in ESF implementation Balanced participation of women and men in the management and implementation of OPs at all levels

15 15 Reporting Annual and final reports shall include summary on: Gender mainstreaming Participation of migrants in employment Integration and social inclusion of minorities Integration of other disadvantaged groups Innovative activities Trans-national actions

16 16 The new ESF - Communication Communication plan Launch event(s) Annual awareness raising Publication of beneficiary

17 17 Thank you for your attention More information: esf2000/2007-2013_en.html

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